Sony Looking To Sell A Lot Of PS4 Pro's Come Christmas Says Jim Ryan

In a recent interview with , Sony's Jim Ryan talked a bit about the PS4 Pro and how they had underestimated its demand.

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donthate1682d ago

According to Pachter, the PS4 Pro sales aren't doing very good. Maybe drop the price $50 and bundle in a game since Xbox One X is coming?

thatguyhayat1682d ago

Patcher baffles himself sometimes. Ps4 pro is doing really well

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1681d ago

Agreed. If 1 in 4 PS4's being sold is a Pro anything Pachter says about PS4 Pro sales numbers should be completely ignored.

bigmalky1682d ago

You can buy a PS4 Pro, with Horizon and Wipeout for £350 in the UK at the minute. Basically, you're getting the console for £280... I'd say that's a bargain. Why do people keep asking for another £50/$50 off when plenty of places do bundle deals with great prices?

Ju1682d ago

I have the feeling there is a price cut coming for the holidays.

LamerTamer1682d ago

They will have a hard time with X1X out.

bigmalky1682d ago

No they won't. Most parents will probably go for the cheaper option for Christmas presents. Most gamers that were waiting for a price for XoX, unless they're die hard Microsoft fans or spec junkies, will see that Sony have a cheaper option with huge exclusives coming in the new year, along with third party titles that will probably look little different to their XoX counterparts.

It's amazing how biased opinions seem to speak for the entire gaming population, instead of looking at people as beings that can, and will, use logic.

Petebloodyonion1681d ago

Most parents will go for the basic version of Ps4 or Xbox1 instead of a pro or X1X.
Most parents will ask if it's play COD, FIFA or GTA since theses are the biggest sellers on both platforms.
Most parents don't have freaking clues about the exclusives coming on Xbox or PS4 just like you probably don't have a clue about exclusive deals coming on Apple music.

It's amazing how N4G hardcore gamers seem to speak for the entire gaming population, instead of looking at people as beings that can, and will, follow the herd of COD/ GTA/ FiFA.

bigmalky1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


If you read my post properly, you'll see that I said parents will go for the cheaper console. I never even mentioned whether that's the upgraded models or not.

As for the games, it was in regard to gamers wanting a console, not the parents. Totally different sentence and subject.

It's amazing how people would actually look less like idiots if they actually read an entire post, before jumping on someone's comments.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1681d ago

If Sony drops the price of the Pro and it's $150 cheaper than the $500, checkerboarding beast, the only thing Sony will have a hard time doing is shipping Pro's to retailers.

bigmalky1681d ago

They don't need to drop the price. You can buy a Pro with one or two games in a package for £100 cheaper than an XoX with nothing on it's release.

LIGATURE1681d ago

I love ps4 but if the x gives all the multiplat games at least 1080/60 and update past multiplat games then id go for the x.but id get a switch before ither😂