PS3Gen on Saints Row 2: "It's a joke"

PS3Gen tested Saints Row 2 through the Video Game Festival on Thursday, and reports that the title 'is a good joke'.

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NewSchoolGamer3669d ago

and we complained about GTA4. I almost bought Mercs 2, thankfully the ugliness of the game was not hard to see in the demo or when I rented it.

Hydrolex3669d ago

then Rockstar would make fun of THQ because of that "Would You Rather" video

Would you rather your to make fun of others or would you rather your game doesn't flop ?

lol I'm sure Rockstar will answer that

kevnb3668d ago

like your game is a flop, they simply say your game sucks. And yes some people complained about GTAIV, only because it was rated so highly in meaningless reviews.

Serjikal_Strike3669d ago

will pretty much sum it up in those videos...It makes GTA4 look 10xs better, graphics and gameplay! And the guy in the interview said it was either an early version or possibly the TV? I dont think so!lol

SL1M DADDY3669d ago

Isn't the final stages of any game the polish stages? Don't most developers wait to work out all of the game play bugs then move on to the polich stages? I have seen games show video weeks before launch that look like poop and then upon release the game looks great. All I am saying is, we can't really tell until the game is launched.

chasuk083668d ago

Im sorry but GTA4 is also ugly as hell, with no aliasing at all, its a jaggie mess.

kingOVsticks3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Am I the only one that forgotten that this game existed? It must be the after effects of all the good games I've been playing.I guessed it kicked out the memories of crappy games and future flops...I have to scrub this game out of my my brain right now....(goes back to playing wipeoutHD)

3669d ago
DNAgent3669d ago

I don't care what the graphics look like cause I know it will have good gameplay and a lot of stuff to do in the game. GTA4 LOOKED good but the game itself sucked and wasn't as good as the other GTA games. After you beat the story there was really nothing else to do aside from free roaming online and possibly the cops & robbers gametype but everything else sucked. It looks to me like Saints Row will be the series to look forward to now.

Psycho_Mantis3669d ago

No no no no, not ugly. Just looks fugly. Commen sense, yes?

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The story is too old to be commented.