New Xbox 360 Motherboards Could Mean Less Crashes

For Xbox 360 users, the so-called red ring of death is a worst-case scenario that can cause nightmares about total system failure

With the new & upcoming Xbox 360 chipset's (codenamed "Jasper"), Red Ring of Death incidents could be a thing of the past. For those who have yet to pick up an Xbox 360, but are considering the purchase, waiting to buy a Jasper-infused Xbox 360 may be the best option. And with reports of these Xbox 360's being spotted in the marketplace, the wait for Jasper may soon be over. This C-Net article discusses the advantages Jasper could have on the 360, while raising questions about other possible upgrades the Xbox 360 will have.

Will the Xboxes with the new motherboard have a smaller power supply than the ugly behemoth that came with the original machine? All this and more.

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avacadosnorkel3695d ago

...why even bother still trying to fix it? People still buy it and will still buy it. Also, from my understanding it's not the chips that are the problem, so what is the point to this article?

El_Colombiano3694d ago

This is what the daid about the Elite...and I still got a RROD. Screw talk, I need to SEE that it will fix the RROD.

Fishy Fingers3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

"..why even bother still trying to fix it?"

Believe it or not sending a courier to your home, repairing or replacing your console and returning it to you costs MS money. Like the customers, they'd rather the one you buy is the one you keep.

El_Colombiano, Jasper mobo coincides with a smaller die set which well result in less heat output and in theory less RROD. In theory..

El_Colombiano3694d ago

Yeah. Thats why I hope it fixes it. Its insane to know that the 360 melts its own solder...ah-freaking-mazing!

DJ3695d ago

But again, Cnet, *shrug

Sanzee3695d ago

We've got some comments - all from PS3 fans. Thank you for your opinions. I just wished PS3 fans would visit PS3-related articles more than Xbox-related articles. Contention is pointless, but fact is relevant.

The chipsets have caused overheating, and this has been proven as well. It may not be the whole problem, I won't deny that. Microsoft is fixing this problem with Jasper. The PlayStation 3 will also be getting a smaller chip, though not to fix any overheating issues.

I have respect for all gamers and your opinions. But I'm not blind when it comes to fans starting contention. Let's just keep it real fellas. Fighting words are pointless. Keep it real.

gano3694d ago

U say. Well the whole xbox thing is a mess. They name
motherboards for a system that suppose to already function
properly. Old broken models out there with new ones.
70+ dollars for better functioning joystick of a diff color.
Overpriced memory support, disgraceful antics to get my money.
REAL gamers know the value of a dollar (to an extent) Real
gamers don't blast money on shoddy/broken hardware.

lowcarb3694d ago

Well I guess I'm not s real gamer because I find the 360 much more valuable to me then a PS3 and since I don't feel ripped off as long as they provide me with consistent software and service.

SL1M DADDY3694d ago

I have to say, honestly, MS has said this before and granted the failure rate dropped from 33% to 16% in public studies, it is still hard to rally behind a corporation that willingly and knowingly sold a defunct console for top dollar. I have a 360 and love the games but will stand by my contention towards their hardware. Just keeping it real man.

thewhoopimen3694d ago

If you have a problem with people who read articles who happen to be sony users, you need to give it a rest.

Besides, IIRC many 360 owners were clambering about how RROD was a thing of the past and flat out reporting these articles as old or slander.

Thing is, it's still a real concern and a major obstacle for people who want to pick up a 360 console.

bomboclaat_gamer3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

apparently noobs know nothing. overheating is what causes the RROD. i fix xbox 360s so i know. it happens when the thermal compound gets so hot it melts off the processor, which prevents the heat to be channeled away from the processor, which makes it overheat, thus bringing the system to a halt. it happens to PCs as well, when the processor gets too hot it automatically shuts off to prevent any damage which may be caused by the intense heat.

Bathyj3694d ago

You must have alot of work on. Its a golden era.

gano3694d ago

Good you know. But if you make it sound so simple
y is it 3yrs later and it's not fixed. People don't buy
systems jus so they can break and (supposedly) fix themselves.

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