Super Lucky's Tale hits 4K 60fps on Xbox One X

One of many Xbox One console exclusives announced at E3 2017, Playful's Super Lucky's Tale was one of the few titles at the show we can confirm running on Xbox One X hardware. It's targeting native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, it's running on the Unity engine and it's a complete, standalone sequel to an Oculus Rift exclusive.

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KionicWarlord222487d ago

Great footage. There's weird unneeded drops when a fire ball goes by. Definitely not hardware related though because a explosion effect happens in the footage and it stays 60 fps.

Digital foundry confirmed this is True 4K.

freshslicepizza487d ago

Are you not impressed with Forza 7 either?

UltraNova487d ago

I would be lying if i said I wasn't. Actually i'm eager to see some gameplay as well and a side by side comparison with GT Sport. 2017 will be the year of racing games.

bluefox755487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

@moldybread Forza ran at 60fps even on the X1, they just bumped up the res, it's a great looking game, but it's highly optimized and not super demanding. I'll tell you what would be really impressive. If they took a new AAA game that runs at 30fps on X1, and bumped it up to native 4k AND 60fps.

487d ago
XStation4pio_Pro487d ago

gotta start watching our blood pressure with all the salt on this site lately.

Aenea486d ago


No, seriously, I would be very, very impressed if MS could make a [email protected] game and make it [email protected]!

Because it would mean they did the impossible! I mean, pushing 8 times the amount of pixels on a GPU that's only 4.5 times faster IS impossible!

XanderZane486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Microsoft already said that games that were locked at a FPS, wouldn't change when they get played on the XBox One X. It will only make the game reach that FPS full potential with limit frame drops. Games that could go over the FPS that was set for the OG XBox One version would have to be patched by the developers for the XBox One X. Don't expect to see many XBox One or XBox 360 games go from 30FPS to 60FPS when they hit the XBox One X.

Yes, I like this game as well. Microsoft needs a lot more of these SP games with more diversity. Curious as to what they will show at GamesCom in August.

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MegamanXXX487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

This game looks great btw. Will pick it up

343_Guilty_Spark487d ago

I'm shocked. But glad you like it! This looks like a good game.

lelo2play487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Change the fox to Mario, and everybody would be praising this game... lol

As for the game, looks interesting.

sonarus487d ago

Yea Cus Mario is very proven. Game seens ok. Graphically it looks great but have to see more to judge the game. On first glance tho just looks ok nothing too special in my opinion but graphics wise very nice

Mbofa6om487d ago

Yeah i agree with you
A new funny character coming to vg world. Better than a flour pack sack boy

TekoIie486d ago

To be fair the recent Lucky's tale was not very good so it does have to prove itself

This was probably my favourite game of the MS E3 conference so I hope its good.

Eonjay487d ago

If I had to guess. I would say that the fireball may be using particle and alpha effects that may hit the CPU.

MegamanXXX487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

I don't think this game will hit the CPU that much. The game looks great though. I stream the trailer in 4K and it does look great in 4K 60fps

cleft5487d ago

So... is this what we where all expecting and wanting? 4k60fps indie games? I mean thats good and all, but seriously if this is what is being held up as an accomplishment, I feel sorry for the future of Xbox One X True 4k games.

Gh05t486d ago

So if Super Lucky's Tail was a first party game it would be okay?

I love how being an Indy makes you less of a developer to people like you.

XanderZane486d ago

LOL!! What a joke. The top of line PC's can barely run games at 4K, 60FPS without $600+ GPU cards. Not sure why you biased fanboys thought every game on the XBox One X would be 4K / 60FPS when no one ever said it would be. If you rewatch M$ reveal of the Scorpio they said their games would be Native 4K. So far, their 1st party games are native 4K. No one mentioned anything about FPS. That all game from fanboys like yourself.

Aenea486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

If the hardware were more powerful tho it would not occur, you do understand that, right?

In any case, it's not released yet, they can still optimise it to hit that magical number!

But well done, finally a game that's native 4k and (almost) 60fps to boot that isn't called Forza!

(you really should stop calling them true 4k if we still don't know for sure what MS means by that, hmm?)

And BTW, it looks like a lot of fun too!

Gh05t486d ago

"If the hardware were more powerful tho it would not occur, you do understand that, right?"

Have you used Unity? How about Unreal Engine... Because if you have used either or even better both you would know that they each have strengths and weaknesses that are ENGINE BASED. That is like blaming the lighting of a Unity Game on the hardware when the engine is not nearly as good as lighting effects as Unreal.

That is an engine optimization problem not hardware.

Aenea486d ago


Am not saying it's a hardware problem, all I'm stating is a simple fact: if the hardware was even faster the engine would not have to be optimised and this wouldn't happen. Do you know anything about programming?

And your lighting example is silly, that is something that is a limit of the engine, the engine would need to be changed to offer better lighting, no amount of faster or slower hardware is going to change that.

For the record, it's not an attack on the One X at all...

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zivtheawesome487d ago

i would have been surpirsed if it hadn't reached native 4k at 60 fps. it looks very simple graphically.

FallenAngel1984487d ago

Reminds me of how Conker's Quest on N64 was originally going look like

TheOttomatic91487d ago

Good considering how simplistic the graphics are it would be insulting if XB1X couldn't run this at 4K 60 fps.

timotim487d ago

I love it when people make comments like this, then you ask them to name the resolution and frames for a game like the Crash trilogy running on PS Pro...then it hits them.

TheOttomatic91487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Um you are aware that Lucky's Tale is originally an Oculus VR launch game? A majority of early VR games are very graphically unimpressive. Hell Luckys Tale on VR looked like a budget PS2 game, Crash Remastered while not the best looking PS4 game is far more graphic intensive than Lucky's Tale.

gamer7804487d ago

@TheOttomatic91 This is a new game though, its a sequel not the same game as on OVR. Sure its no Quantum Break, but its still a nice looking game.

Ju486d ago

Sorry, but Crash looks better than this. It's a Unity indie game. Yet it still drops to 50fps at times (possibly a Unity issue, though, or a programmer issue). Any how, it's not like this looks better than, eh, Wipeout ([email protected]).

jrshankill486d ago

Ottomatic... arguing about Ps4 games being more graphically demanding is a moot point now. XBX can do whatever Pro can do, and then some.
Bringing up graphically demanding games on Ps4 is now a totally invalid argument. XBOX one gamers got over this year's ago. Have your cake and eat it too.

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