Gamepro giving more LBP keys tomorrow

Gamepro has just given an update on the LBP giveaways:

"OK, we're officially closing down the entry form for the first wave of the contest at 12 noon Pacific Time today! That gives you just under an hour to get any last submissions in. We'll be sending email notifications to everyone shortly after, so make sure to check your email after the contest closes to find out if you've won. Good luck, and remember, for those who didn't make the cut, you have another chance to win starting tomorrow morning. See you soon."

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ascendantofrain3672d ago

Hopefully their servers will withstand the beating again....

Downtown boogey3672d ago

I just entered my email address without having to register..?

trancefreak3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

YES ^^ but i registered just now and I want a key :=(

faisdotal3672d ago

what time is 2:00 pm pacific time in london?

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