MLB 2K7 PS3 Version Inferior to 360

In an article on IGN, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the upcoming MLB 2K7 are briefly compared. Somewhat surprisingly it seems that there are some significant differences between the two...

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SimmoUK5219d ago

Looks like they built this one on xbox360 again then ported it over to PS3, that's the advantage for 360 because it's easyer to develop for good job i'm not one bit interested in this game. bring on Sony's inhouse games and i can always pick this up for my 360 if i'm really desperate...

TheMART5219d ago

Oh please SimmoUK

even if it is made on the 360 and ported to the PS3, start to get used to it then. Which still means multiplatform games (which are the large numbers of games over the lifecycle of the consoles) will be best on the 360.

Seen in the past (COD3, FNR3) seen in the future.

Anyone would be best of buying a 360 if one likes games. Even the exclusives are most and best on 360. SImple. If you like BluRay movies buy a PS3. Gaming is second on it.

But games nowadays are made on PC and then optimalized for PS3 or 360 or Wii. Not even ports. The PS3 just ain't a gaming machine. How many times have to be made clear to die hard Sony fanboys the PS3 just can't cope the next gen games???

What about the online part? 30 players on 360, 12 for PS3? That's not problem of a port, that's problem on a online bad service. What about missing the rumble in the game (see page one of the article!)

SimmoUK you don't own a 360.

LegendaryMark5218d ago

"SimmoUK you don't own a 360." - Because of course, you'd know better than he would?

Looks like he plays on this non-existant 360 quite a bit, to me. Maybe you shouldn't catagorise people so quickly in future. And maybe you could tell me what "optimalized" means, because the dictionary sure as hell can't! And while you're busy looking into the future ("seen in the future") at what ports are going to be inferior on PS3, do you think you could give me the lottery numbers for next week?

As for the story, I think this is obviously bad news for Sony (and fanboys, don't you dare try to spin it as good news!) but it's definitely not the end of the world. Let's be honest they have shrugged off much larger problems than a slightly inferior port of one single game in the past. Like most Brits, I really couldn't care less about baseball games anyway.

dantesparda5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

hey doinky, just to let you know, you cant "seen into the future", LOL! (oh that's rich!). And if you can let me know, i have a couple of stock picks i'd like you to do, and some lottery tickets to make out. There'll be some money in for you.

You said "seen into the future" LOL!

TheMART5218d ago


Who says the Simmo UK on Live is the same that registered on this site???

I mean come on, a guy defending the PS3 that much you should think he'd own a PS1 and at least a PS2 also, but:

"Consoles Owned
PC, Xbox, Xbox 360"

Bet that's a totally different person there

Maddens Raiders5219d ago

who cares? 2k7 franchise blows worse than EA. MLB the Show will have everything I need, just like NBA '07 and NHL '07 rock the house, period. 2k7 can keep those "989" leftovers in the doghouse where they belong. =]

FirstknighT5219d ago

NBA 07??? I guess you dont mind playing crap!

NBA 2k7: 84.9%
NBA 07: 64.2%

But what would you expect from a Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiders fan! ;)

FadeToBlack5219d ago

Yeah I would make fun of your sports game choices, but seeing that your a raider fan I feel sorry enough for you already lol.

Munky5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

NHL07 is garbage. NHL2K7 is real hockey...but then again, I doubt you have ever laced up a pair of hockey skates in your life so I don't expect you to know the difference between arcade style hockey to a sim. I've said it once and i'll say it again, if you want a true hockey experience get NHL2K7.

DG5218d ago

WTF are you smoking you obviously never picked up a basketball either. Cuz Live is BBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLL $$$$$$$$#########!!!!!!!!TTTTTT TTTTTTT

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Juevani5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

..... idiots, still comparing ports

FeralPhoenix5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

news for Sony but hey, I'm NOT going to make too much of this.....yes, alot of multiplatform games look better on 360, but honestly I don't think its a "significant" difference that takes away from the fun of the game.....for example: I was watching a friend recently show off FNR 3 on his PS3, and yeah I thought it looks better on my 360, but it wasn't like "wow" mine is so much better.....he thought it was great and loves the game....still I have to admit its ironic(and funny) that ALL the Sony claims of raw power, superior graphics, the cell, 1080p, etc. that 360 games simply look better....don't worry Sonyfanboys, I know you're going to tell me yeah BUT, dev's need more time to optimize/gain experience with PS3, and yes I do agree that the games will start to look more and more impressive on the PS3, BUT that goes for both consoles....well at any rate, like I said, as long as the games are interesting and fun this isn't a "significant" least I don't think so.

calderra5219d ago

"PS3 launch titles will be significantly superior."
-Ken Kutaragi

We're just holding them to it.

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