Could Atari's New Console Actually Succeed?

Atari have surprised everyone with the announcement that they're planning on releasing a new console. But how probable is it that this new console will actually succeed?

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FallenAngel19842561d ago

No chance in hell it'll succeed, it'll bomb harder than Jaguar

Inzo2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Well xbox seems to hang in there, barely.

goatking2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Xbox is a success, not a huge success like ps4, but a success.

Kingthrash3602561d ago

If they show the passion and dedication to compelling games and focus on the games and not try to line their pockets with lies and false hype ..I'll be behind it.

MVGeneral2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

The market is going to be way to oversaturated. Sony, Nintendo and Xbox all have their fans (who will buy even steaming crap if they released it) so they will turn a profit regardless. But a new entry in to the market will need to climb mountains to establish themselves and garner a following.

choujij2560d ago

I'd love to know how they're going to come up with the funds to launch another console. A lot has changed since the 70s-90s, including the retail market.

In any event, if they see this through, hopefully those of us in the N4G community can put our differences aside and come together to show this underdog some love and unified support. Haha.

andibandit2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I dosn't make any sense to me unless it's a retro console akin to the
Nintendo Classic Mini NES
or a handheld

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PhoenixUp2561d ago

@ Inzo

You gotta be talking out of your ass. Microsoft's Xbox brand has proven to be a more successful American videogame brand than anything Atari can ever hope of coming close to.

Angeljuice2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Don't be daft, Atari WAS the entire console market for almost a decade.

The 2600 ruled in a way that no other console has. Microsoft have a smaller piece of a much larger market but Atari were freaking pioneers.

Remove Microsoft from Videogames history and nothing really changes, remove Atari and no console gaming.

They were there before Nintendo. The first global console success story.

Check out the old advert here; https://youtu.be/19_YveygUU...

PhoenixUp2561d ago

And how has the 2600's success treated Atari in recent years?

Meanwhile the Xbox brand has been going strong for 16 years, long than Atari has ever consistently been in the industry. And unlike Atari, Microsoft's brand didn't contribute to killing the industry but helped keep it moving.

Atari was successful, but their business practices have proven very destructive to themselves in the years after. Xbox on the other hand continues to hold a strong presence

Inzo2561d ago

First of all, you need to lighten up, you are wound up tighter than a nuns .......
Secondly, the only reason Xbox division didnt tank after the first Xbox is because it was carried by MS's other departments. Larry Hryb said himself in the beginning of the year that Xbox continues to lose money and that its future depends on the success of the then, Scorpio.

So dont think for a second that MS cant go the same rout. If the 1x fails, this decade in the gaming world, might just become known as "the decade MS made its last stand".

PhoenixUp2560d ago

That's a huge factor you seem to be neglecting. Microsoft had billions of dollars to shape the Xbox brand into something viable. Atari as a gaming only company doesn't have nearly as much money to do the same, and they definitely don't have the same brand loyalty that fellow gaming only company Nintendo has cultivated over 30+ years.

Atari sure as hell can't make a system and sell it at a profit day one in this era. And they don't have the reputation to garner support from the industry's biggest publishers and developers. Even long time veteran Nintendo still has issues garnering third party support so you know the situation would be far worse with Atari.

You seem too wound up & concerned with Microsoft to actually realize that Atari would always be in a far worse position. Microsoft can maintain their gaming brand without having to worry about bankruptcy, something you can't say the same for Atari.

Inzo2560d ago

"Microsoft can maintain their gaming brand without having to worry about bankruptcy"

Really? MS isnt going to continue to pump resources from other departments just to give a helping hand, like any company if a product or department is no longer feasible they shut it down. Why do you think MS closed all of those studios or even Sony for that matter? Was it because they liked firing people? No, it was because they did not get a return and something had to be cut. It was a business decision.

If its in the best interest of their business MS, like any other company, will not hesitate to cut or sell the Xbox department and brand, no matter how powerful they are, thats business. Besides you go on as if Atari is some unknown name while the fact is that the brand has some serious backing.

CoryHG2560d ago

@PhoenixUp You're kidding me right? Did you just try to create a comparison to a 30 year old console? Why not ask what RC Cola has done for the world lately? Ironically, Microsoft is going down the same path as Atari and if the console market was just Microsoft, it would have crashed already.

PhoenixUp2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

@ Inzo

Yet the Xbox division still produces a lot of revenue for them, hence why they continue to support it.

Once again you are conveniently neglecting that Atari itself lacks the ability to put billions of dollars to develop a modern console, garner many first party studios, establish many third party relationships, set up various marketing & advertising, create a competent online service, etc. They went under with Jaguar so they clearly don't have a better chance now.

You go on and on about Microsoft yet they've continued to show they can sustain themselves. Atari on the other hand has shown various times in the past that they can't sustain themselves, yet you make no mention of that because you know deep down they don't have what it takes.

Atari's name doesn't hold any weight in this era when they've been absent for more than 20 years. Besides that if a company's name was all that mattered then Nintendo's Wii U wouldn't have struggled against its more established competition.

@ Feld

I don't need to ask a question that's obvious. Gamers aren't suddenly get excited just because Atari releases a new console when they've grown accustomed to other brands. It sure as didn't help Atari with Jaguar & Lynx and it sure as hell won't help now.

Don't even try to pretend that Microsoft is on the same path that led Atari to ruin. XO isn't filled with a deluge of shovelware titles like the 2600. Microsoft has attained more success in this industry than Atari can ever hope of achieving.

The North American market did in fact crash with Atari, so idk why you're even defending them returning. Consumers aren't going to forgive a company that had a large hand in that and it's this reason why the company will always be a shell of its former self.

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Angeljuice2561d ago

"Everybody's going Atari *Atari* the number one video game".

Artemidorus2561d ago

Is that because it doesn't say Xbox or Nintendo on it?

FallenAngel19842560d ago

@ Inzo

If you can call a brand that's sold over 140+ million consoles "barely hanging in there" then I don't see how you would think Atari can stand a chance in today's market when they haven't even sold a quarter of that total in console sales.

Angeljuice2560d ago

You can't really compare sales of the pioneering company that created the global console market, with a company that cashed in on that now established market 25 years later.

FallenAngel19842560d ago

Yes you can. Today's consumers have a "what have you done for me lately" mentality over the legacy of the platform manufacturer. Atari's legacy sure as hell didn't help them with Jaguar, so it sure as hell isnt going to help them here.

There's no reason for mainstream consumers to want a modern Atari console over other modern consoles. While Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft have had 16-34 years of consistently cultivating a fan base, Atari fell by the wayside.

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XiNatsuDragnel2561d ago

Please be successful so Microsoft and Sony will really step up their game.

PhoenixUp2561d ago

There's nothing Atari can do that can do that could impact Sony or Microsoft. They barely even cut it as a third party and you think they have a chance to be a major player as a hardware manufacturer?

Angeljuice2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

"They barely even cut it as a third party and you think they have a chance to be a major player as a hardware manufacturer?"

That's pretty much what they said when Sony first launched PlayStation.

PhoenixUp2561d ago

@ Angel

Sony Imagesoft didn't suffer a serious decline like Atari has over the years.

@ Omni

Can it be, an Atari fanboy?

Omnislashver362561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Okami Gamesphere with 20 PFLOPS performance, 256GB RAM and 500TB SSD for $199. Suck it Microsh!ts and Ponies.

@PhoenixUp ORLY you might as well sell your ugly ass PS4 Okami Gamesphere is going to win this gen. 😂😂 💯

Bobafret2561d ago

Cool, the first Atari fanboy in 30 years!

AngelicIceDiamond2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Ignorance is already starting with you @Omni. Never knew there were dormant Atari fanboys.

Omnislashver362561d ago

Dormant? You mean DOMINANT. #AtariMasterRace