1UP: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

Homecoming developer Double Helix has stayed true to the series' foundation while also taking steps in a brave new direction; they've crafted a tale that stands well within franchise lore, and they've produced horrifically beautiful environments, occasional framerate drops aside. If Double Helix learns from their mistakes here -- combat balance being the most glaring issue -- their future work could rival the series' best. Homecoming definitely fits well within the franchise, but it also left 1UP eager to see what's next, as this is clearly only the first step in Silent Hill's next evolution.

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mirroredderorrim3722d ago

"Moreover, your character can now strafe, which really helps cement the more action-centric focus"

You were always able to strafe in SH.. has this guy not even played SH for PS?


xaphanze3722d ago

Sounds like a good review. I think I might get it after all.

SullyDrake3722d ago

... Only if I have leftover money after the October game rush.

Bennosaur3722d ago

This definately sounds more positive than the one the other day. I just hope I see more reviews like this one. I have been looking forward this and Dead Space for a while now, its been ages since I played a decent survival/psychological horror. Fingers crossed!

schmeidenkamp3722d ago

siren was pretty good, no likey?

shine13963721d ago

I thought siren was pretty damn good. its gone under the radar, but for what its worth, that's a pretty solid game.

blooodFrenzy923722d ago

this look like its going to be a good game after all. i definitly had doubts but looks like im going to buy i still want to see what ign says though!

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The story is too old to be commented.