Capcom Signs Agreement With Bandai Namco to Improve User Experience and Online Matching

Big hopes for the sequel of Street Fighter X Tekken.

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XiNatsuDragnel578d ago

Tekken X sf first then sequel

577d ago
NoireRose577d ago

I wondered what came of that. I know a lot of people ( myself included ) were looking forward to that one.

Derceto577d ago

Both these companies are so bad, I'm really not sure which one is supposed to help the other? Are they looking to both go bankrupt together?

_-EDMIX-_577d ago

Well Capcom is trying I understand that they fell on some hard times in the last couple of years but I've seen them at least trying to remain somewhat conservative on their releases

I mean look at Resident Evil 7 it's not this big Blockbuster Triple-A Gears of War type game they kind of had very moderate marketing and it's clear that they weren't spending the same type of funds on its development.

I would say them working together is a good thing cuz it allows them to minimalize risk at least to a degree.

We're not seeing Capcom take the same type of big risk like we saw in previous generations but I would also say we're also not seeing big sales by this company outside of Monster Hunters.

Street Fighter 5 sold very poorly for them compared to the previous Street Fighter games and I think it's very worrisome when one of their top properties performs that way.

But I'm hoping that this Alliance allows them to stay afloat to get back to a better Financial place.

Trust me this is better than them going out of business because I don't think people fully understand just how close this company is to going bankrupt.

A few years ago they were even open to being bought out. So this is a good move Monster Hunter world I also believe is a very good move so I think they just need to sort of stay more conservative and stay out of these Risky Business moves and they'll be ok.

Basically all the bad move they made last generation from Outsourcing so many games to losing so many key developers to closing down numerous Studios to having absolutely bloated Budget on games that never required such marketing as kind of taught them a lesson this lesson literally as almost put them out of business so it's clear that something was learned from that generation.

I know lots of Fanboys of this publisher don't want to admit it but let's be honest here all you have to do is look at the numbers to show you that this company was in a very dangerous place.

Or do we all forget about their Infamous 600 Man team for Resident Evil 6? Yet ironically only two short years after they talked about that they were open to being bought out.... The irony.

Capcom needs to stay conservative and they need to stay in their Lane.

TheOttomatic91577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

Are you high mate? Namco Bandai owns Dark Souls and Capcom is in a much more financially secure situation than past years.

_-EDMIX-_577d ago

Agreed. They are getting their.

They've been more conservative on their releases and spending. I think if they keep it up ,they'll be ok, but launches like SFV can't every happen from this company. They can't really launch a game like that.

MH has been solid
SFV was shaky, but folks tell me its solid now
RE7 was a great release and didn't have the same AAA spending that we saw from RE5-6
Deals with Sony, MS and Nintendo have taken some pressure off of them in terms of spending, so I think they'll be ok.

They have a ways to go though. Them even needing this help from Namco-Bandai is evident that they are not out of the clear just yet.

They are much more secure now then compared to a few years ago yes, but they are still not out of the clear from what I'm seeing by their actions. I don't think they will go bankrupt seeing the moves they are making now, but its not really 100% out of the question. We don't really know just how bad things really are. Better yes, but better enough to not go bankrupt? Who knows.

gangsta_red577d ago

After Tekken 7 and how they seamlessly included Akuma into the storyline I can't wait to see what they have for Tekken X SF.

DivineAssault 577d ago

Hopefully a GOOD new IP will come of it.. Truth be told, i'd rather see a new Soul Calibur

MegamanXXX577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

That would be awesome. Soul Calibur should have been out by now

fenome577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

Soul Calibur would be awesome!

Have you ever heard of Kensai: Sacred Fists? That was my favorite fighter back in the day.


Nevermind, just realized it was published by Konami, so it'll rot in hell with whatever else they ever had their hands in...

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