Will Xbox 360 Fans Go for Jasper?

Xbox 360 consoles have been notoriously unreliable. But some of the more hopeful observers think that the newest models might be more consistent.

They carry a new motherboard, dubbed Jasper, with a new and improved graphics chip. In the past, the easily-overheated graphics chip often snapped loose from its mounting, leading to unrecoverable console failure, otherwise known as the Red Ring of Death. Microsoft was unable to address this problem until it created the new generation chip, which is manufactured in a 65-nanometer chip-making process instead of a 90-nanometer process.

The new chip will be smaller and cost less to make. But more importantly, it will emit less heat, allowing it to fit snugly into its motherboard socket. And that, in turn, should lead to fewer system repairs.

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power of Green 3670d ago

Yes Xbox 360 consoles have been notoriously unreliable, I'm not saying that the later ones(from like a year ago) still break.

Do gamers on any large scale care what is in the 360?, NOPE! as long as they work(fixed).

Informed gamers/360 fans that get news from the net and internet trolls are the only people paying attention to sh*t like this lol.

Benjamin093670d ago

I am tired of this information. Like you said it just feeds trolls. As long as my 360 works I'm happy and my launch 360 and re'launch elite 360 have never rrod me and I play the hell out of them.

01926 6120943670d ago

If you have an unreliable 360,you're going to sell it to buy another unreliable 360?

Makes no sense to me,just stick with the one you have,if it breaks down,take it to the shop,wait a week or two(in some cases,a month),then get back to playing your games.

power of Green 3670d ago

The flaw in your almost child-like fanboy logic is the assumption newer 360's have the same issue olders ones have. The POS Sony fanboy reasoning say all 360 have the same issue because you guys say so lol(older 360's that lasted longer are still at risk).

Only PS3 fanboys claim new 360's still warp mother boards(heat) causing solder connections to break thus causing RROD.

I Call 9MM3670d ago

The real problem behind the reliability of the 360 has always been inadequate cooling, especially on the GPU. Just look inside and you will see that the DVD drive blocks most of the airflow over the GPU heatsink, not to mention that it's not that well designed (something with a little more fins and surface area could have helped). Hopefully, this new chip puts out a lot less heat then the old ones.

I have to admit the PS3 got the cooling solution right the first time. I've got my 360 liquid cooled with a 2x120mm rad from HW Labs (their Stealth line I do believe) in a Lian-Li XB01 case, and 2 low profile GPU water blocks from Koolance over both the CPU and GPU. When my 360 is running, that radiator can get fairly warm, and I've got some good high CFM fans from Scythe on it. Those chips do put out a lot of heat, hopefully this new solution fixes things.