Firmware 1.50 Released - PS2 Graphical Glitches Fixed!

Playstation 3's 1.50 firmware update has been released in both Japan and the US. It adds a few minor changes to the PS Store, but, more importantly, all PS2 pixel flipping issues have been fixed. Final Fantasy XII and MGS2 have never looked so good.

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Raist5421d ago

lol i've just posted the same news, you beat me by 30 minutes, damn you !

Excellent firmware support, that's good news.

FFVIIFan5421d ago

Now its true Backward Compatability.

R34GTR5421d ago

Lastnite my PS3 spoke to my 360. It said. You wanna talk trash after two months huh? Just you wait and see. You'll be eating those words for the next 8 years.

It kinda sounded like david Hayter.

Is that weird?

DJ5421d ago

that's frickin' hilarious.

techie5421d ago

I really can throw away/retire my aging 5year old ps2 :) Here's to gaming on a system that has the biggest back catalogue of games EVER.

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The story is too old to be commented.