Formula one PS3 gamplay video

Formula one PS3 gamplay footage.

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candystop4283d ago

I dont know about this game and at the end that crowd looks terrible after he stop!

MikeMichaels4282d ago

I have yet to look at the "crowd" while playing this game.

Also the Force Feedback support in the demo is nice.

markfield4283d ago

wow! - how booooring!.
remember an e3 video'of pre-rendered 'gameplay' showing cars spinning out and breaking up.... BS as usual.

I guess the ps3 cant handle that with 'the rain' turned on. lol

Arkham4283d ago

No crash damage?

So what was that wheel-loss after he hit the wall? Their new DynamicRicing feature?

techie4282d ago

People they are not allowed to damage the cars - it's in they're contract so they can use real cars...just like GT.

That's why motorstorm has made-up cars so they can do whatever they want with them - same with burnout. And we know the ps3 can handle amazing physics and crashes from motorstorm.

God of Gaming4282d ago

Well then they should have paid up.. FORZA has damage.. explain that ? PGR3 has damage... they COULD have damage if they made the effort.

nice_cuppa4283d ago

looks poop compared to the other vids and pics we had seen ?!

Apocalypse Shadow4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

have nothing to do?always posting in ps3 sad.

f1 will be good for racing fans and euro f1 racing fans.

nice_cuppa4282d ago

yes i have stuff to do as im at work but i am the king if MOOCH !

i will scive,mooch and dodge work till im fired,
and then i will do it at my next job.

mooch baby MOOCH !

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The story is too old to be commented.