The Coalition Showcases Gears of War 4 in True 4K on Xbox One X – and it looks incredible

Microsoft has announced that several titles from its recent first-party portfolio will receive enhancement patches for Xbox One X. These include Halo Wars 2, Forza Horizon 3, and of course, Gears of War 4. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the upgrades being introduced to the latter of these titles, which are coming to the game for free this fall when Xbox One X launches globally on November 7th.

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KionicWarlord222577d ago

The screenshot in the article

The coalition has done it again.

Lawd hath mercy.

LordoftheCritics576d ago (Edited 576d ago )


The game already looked great. Don't mind the upgrade at all.

UltraNova576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

From the article: "On Xbox One X, Gears of War 4 will be running at 4K/30fps for Campaign and Horde, while Versus will be in 4K/60fps with “adaptive scaling to ensure a rock-solid framerate.”

So even Gears cant run at 60fps on xb1x, plus it has adaptive scaling in multiplayer? But but the Beast...? This must be Sony's doing!

DARK_WOLF576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

Every time you muppets talk shit about xb1x like its weak.

Just remember ps4p is 40-50% weaker LOL.

576d ago
ULTp0ltergeist576d ago

The fact that some are complaing about achieve anything above 1080p and at 30fps is just ridiculous. ENJOY THE GAMES PEOPLE!

UltraNova576d ago

Truth hurts I guess, just as fake promises.

LexHazard79576d ago (Edited 576d ago )


I read that and just had to Lol...
I mean why else would you write that if not feeling a bit salty. I dont see anything on your preferred console getting close to 4K/30 with same graphic settings, let alone doing 4K/60 in mp.

You're right the truth does hurt. That despite all that negativity you guys always bring to the thread. Xbox X is still a better product than PS4 Pro.

Kiwi66576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

@Ultra even in your comment it says Versus, which is a part of the game will be 60fps, so guess that makes your claim that it can't do it not completely accurate as part of it can do 60fps

576d ago
UltraNova576d ago

Wake up guys you've been taken for a spin since June 2016, now that the ride's over you refuse to get off. Suit yourselves.

donthate576d ago (Edited 576d ago )


I'm sorry you can't enjoy your device because of the power of Xbox One X. The fear is very real for you, but the fear is all in your mind. However, the power in Xbox One X is real. Very real for everyone.

super_bruno576d ago

@ultranova Lets talk about the PS4P and how weak it is....

BiggerBoss576d ago

Xbox fans flipflop more than anyone. Early this gen, they said that resolution doesn't matter and the human eye can't tell a difference between 900p and 1080p. Now, literally the ONLY thing they're hyped for is 4K resolution.

UnHoly_One576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

I love these PS fanboys attacking the 1X for not being equal to a 3000 dollar computer or whatever they think.

They have nothing real to criticize, so they make up promises that Microsoft never made, then criticize them for not keeping their made up promises. It's a hilariously inventive, albeit pathetic, way to attack something.

The best part of it is that like mmmmmmmmmyummy said, their PS4Pro is weaker, so it makes no sense at all for them to do this in the first place.

I said this in a comment a few days ago. They are making fun of it for only being "much better" than their console. "You guys suck, your console is only 'Way Better' than ours!"

It's all just so stupid.

4Sh0w576d ago

Dang, Nova you sound mighty salty.

Gears 4 is already a graphics showcase, the fact that they are making it in native 4K for X1X is great news, -I don't understand why all this good news for the X makes you guy so angry???

jrshankill576d ago


More of a beast than the pointless PS4 Pro

JasonKCK576d ago

Funny how the Sony fanboys are saying "it's not 4k 60fps" as if they had the upper hand.

Babadook7576d ago

This footage looks very jerky.

Can anyone link to a better version?

UltraNova575d ago

Guys I dont do salty sorry...

As for promises...lets just say Sony never promised " true 4K - uncompressed pixels- higher framerates (implying 60fps since 30 was the std)" for the Ps4 pro. And those are just xb1x related fake promises...

Now to be brutally honest with you guys I do like the xb1x its a true upgrade over the OG xbox 1 but its not powerful enough to deliver what MS has promised. I expect to see the same difference between xb1x vs Pro as we did with the OG consoles, i.e. Marginal differences between framerate stability and minor quality setting tweeks.

Its shame really because if MS had taken their head out of their arse and made some 1st party exclusive games (sans the usual Forza) they would have shown us what the xb1x was really capable of. I guess we will have to see if they will release anything worthwhile before the PS5 comes out.

No hard (or salty) feelings guys just cold hard truths, take it as tough love ;-)

dilbig5575d ago (Edited 575d ago )

I wonder if you guys are saying that it's a beast and much better than the "useless" Pro because it's so much better than the original Xbox One. Remember, you gotta think about what it's an upgrade from. Around 40% stronger than the Pro; okay, but it's 5x stronger than the original One but still no original games. And also twice as expensive as an already tweaked Slim just to have 4K in some games.

XanderZane575d ago

The PS4 Pro couldn't run this game in Native 4K at 30fps. You know that right? Also, who said that every game on the XBox One X would run at native 4K 60fps? Microsoft never said that. Neither did the 3rd party developers. Only ones who were claiming this is biased trolling fanboys like yourself. The average PC can barely run games at native 4K / 30fps. You need a beast of a GPU & CPU for PCs to run games smoothly at native 4K / 60fps. Costing gamers over $1000 to do so.

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BeOpenMinded576d ago

The story below it describes a cool true horror story lol

576d ago
JHippy5000576d ago

Ok that crispy screenshot is f*****g amazing

mark_parch576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

so it's native 4k with a mix of ultra and high settings. that's pretty impressive for a £450 console. it was actually a very good looking game already on base xbox one so am looking forward to playing this again. on a side note has anybody completed this on the hardest difficulty on co-op it's probably one of the hardest games ive played and ive played a lot.

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SpaceRanger577d ago

Looks good in 4k. Now, does it improve the story?

Jon_Targaryen576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

I wish... I got bored an hour in fighting all those damned androids, and that was just the first chapter!

conanlifts576d ago

You should go back and push on. It is a great blend of old and new as the game progresses.

576d ago
LexHazard79576d ago

Wow took you an hour to get through first chapter? hmmmm

KillBill576d ago

I had zero issue with the android fighting. It told a story and the enemy was actually a challenging added character in game.

Arnon575d ago

The androids were neat, but I wish they would have had more variety in their models. You have rolling droid, small droid, big droid and flying droid. I found myself having trouble motivating myself to get to the Swarm because it just felt like the android bit never ended.

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Septic576d ago

Why would the res improve the story?

576d ago
Gunstar75576d ago Show
Jon_Targaryen575d ago (Edited 575d ago )

It was supposed to be a joke and sarcasm... *facepalm*

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MegamanXXX576d ago

The story wasn't that good

Gunstar75576d ago

Read a f**king book!

Since when did videogames have to have good stories?

Ju576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

The first gears was fun, the rest was just a rehash of the same old, maybe horde mode was new. 4 was the same in a fresh coat and the weird idea of alternatively shooting robots vs monsters vs robots vs monster over and over again. I never liked the shooting mechanics, opponents are just bullet sponges. They never differ in challenges but how many you can pump into them. The wind in 4 is a cool feature but yet has minor impact in most situation, and that was that. It has no impact on how you run or shoot. And now doing that in 4K won't really change much.

Ju576d ago

Well, and then there is...this was already 90GB on the XO, how much is it with 4K textures?

spicelicka576d ago

4k or not, the gameplay is still the best of any TPS in existence so story is negligible.

spicelicka576d ago


Stale to you maybe, doesn't change the fact that no other TPS comes close in MP.

4Sh0w576d ago

Well of course we'd expect a ps fanboy to say that, 'meh in other shocking news a Ford salesmen says Chevrolet trucks arent as good as Ford trucks.

-Dang the trolls seem extra jelly today, these guys are in all the good Xbox news thread foaming at the mouth. Let it go....breathe.

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Condemnedman576d ago

the game looked great on my 4k tv anyway 'im done with the single player but I still use the multiplayer daily so I will look forward to that

windblowsagain576d ago





That's only one side of the story, CPU 2.1GHZ VS 2.3GHZ.

Not enough for constant 60fps.

MS did the wrong thing, they should have been working on a totally new system, With a completely new processor.

DARK_WOLF576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

Um did u really think a game would get upgraded to 4k and go from 30 to 60 as well?????

Mike yarbba already confirmed before xb1x reveal that games bumped to 4k would keep same frame rate so 1080p30 becomes 4k/30 not 4k/60.


8gb ram vs 12gb ram

218gb vs 326gb memory bandwidth

Cpu cores are fully customized in all areas where there were bottlenecks.

A new cpu wouldve been nice sure but MS arent even making money on this so if they put a ryzen cpu in there it wouldve been even more expensive. People are already complaining about price....

Phil said they are already working on the next console after scorpio aka xb1x... which is normal. Sony will be working on ps5 as well.

conanlifts576d ago

Sony are in a tough position with ps5. It would need to be both cheaper and a lot more powerful. I think that we will be at least 3 years away from a ps5 in order to achieve both of those. Of course if they opted for a $499 price 2 years is possible, but it would be a similiar jump in power from ps4 pro to xbox x, except with a new cpu.

windblowsagain576d ago

That's the point. Should not have been so quick to push a new console out.

Should have waited to start a new gen.

DarkZane576d ago


In 2019, a 12TFLOPS PS5 for $399 is definitely possible.

A GTX 1080 ti at the moment has 12 tflops already and a new series of card come out this year, followed by another one each year. At the end of 2019, 3 new series of cards will have come out and a gtx 1080 ti will be ancient technology by then and much cheaper.

conanlifts576d ago

@darkzane. I seriously do not believe you could put a newer cpu , 12tflop gpu and more ram in a console for less money by 2019. It is almost certainly not going to happen. 3 years minimum is my prediction, 4 years max.
MS are selling the X pretty much at cost and make no profit day 1 with the tech inside.

Ju576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

Sony will yet again go for price over performance. Unless a $500 XoX is a landslide success. But then again, I mean the Pro could be down to below $300 by then and the low end 4K segment will be satisfied. At the same time, ya, a 8-12Tf GPU should be available by then. And so the race is on. AMDs ~12TF gpu also has FP16 modes, which pushes that pipeline quite a bit. Question is if one could really built something like that into a small cheap package in 2 years. 500 is actually a good price for the XoX, just makes me wonder how they can even make any money off of it. At the same time power will just sell so much, if people have a cheap alternative available.

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conanlifts576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

Yes but you are criticising it's power when it is almost 1.5x stronger than the current most powerful console is just random. Had ms upgraded the cpu as well we probably would have ended up with a $599 console. That definitely would be too expensive for a console.

xsta1ker576d ago

ms did the wrong thing lol why is that... Microsoft said it was building the most powerful console
and they have done that.

it's unbelievable the haters on n4g need to try and pic apart everything xbox to make them self's feel better.
it doesn't work like that if your unhappy with the product sony provided you with the pro
go pic them apart for the 4.2 gpu and the same jag cpu.

your not going to make your system out perform x1x buy picking it apart every chance you get.
face facial evidence the x1x can and will out perform the pro in every game made for both consoles.

and get used to it for the next 2 yrs at the very least.

Ju576d ago

Nobody is saying it'll outperform it. But what people are saying at $400 (or even less by end of the year) it's a good enough alternative.

itsmebryan576d ago

No it's not good enough. The Pro is not even close. Dev are already getting much better performance out of X1X in this short period of time over the pro. Just wait till launch and beyond when they get more familiar the hardware.

Just think if you are a already an Xbox one owner how cheap the X1X really is. Think about it. You don't have to buy new launch games because if you are like me you have a backlog of games you can still play that will be improved and you don't need new accessories like controllers and charging stands(another good thing about having removable batteries). With all of that stuff always spend at least a $1000 Everytime I get a new console.

Also why is Sony is still saying it's"the best place to play games" when it's not anymore? And so far none of their exclusives have appealed to me except "Horizon" .

Ju576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

"Much better"...true, for people playing at 900p for the most time and haven't seen any 4K titles yet. For the rest price will matter. I also think the Pro can be sold for $349 today, and if it would ever drop to $299 the XX will have a hard time. No matter how powerful it is. Sure there is some hate, because of the double standards and the MS marketing hype train, indeed. I have nothing against the XX, but get real. We are playing in 4k for over 6 months already and not since MS "said so". In two years (or even less) Sony will most likely have an answer for the power deficit. But yet, I think it would make sense to introduce a new machine which can have PS4 titles but also allows exclusive new titles with additional features.

Prince_TFK576d ago

It still is more powerful than the Pro. Had they gone the route you wanted them to, the console would have cost up to $599, which is DOA as far as the price goes.

As for now, it is a perfect balance between price and power. We had seem a couple of games that run at 4K60FPS during E3, which more than I can say for the Pro. And who to say that they aren't working on another next gen console?

conanlifts576d ago

"That's the point. Should not have been so quick to push a new console out. 

Should have waited to start a new gen."

To be fair they are responding to the competition. Also its an option. A new gen always brings exclusuve that do not work with the current gen. This a great alternative "option".

itsmebryan576d ago

Why are so many Sony fans trying so hard to downplay the X1X? It's like they can't take having the weaker console after crowing about it this generation. This show Sony made a mistake with the underpowered Pro. It's about gaming not brand loyalty. You guys really need to stop acting silly. You can get whatever console you like but, you don't have to attack the other. Chill out. Smh

Allsystemgamer576d ago

From what I'm seeing it's the Xbox fanboys that are pissing everyone off.
They're going around everywhere calling it the second coming. Going around claiming it's stronger than a $1500 pc (lel not even close) then crying when some games can't hit 60fps and some for some reason are blaming Sony.

Meanwhile all it ha is a resolution bump. That's pretty much it. The reason Xbox one got so much heat for not hitting 1080p is's 1080p. It's been a standard for over a decade. There shouldn't have been any excuse in 2013. I mean...phones were hitting 1080p with their shitty games. PS4 got flak for it too.

It would be like pointing and laughing at someone who has a 1440p monitor and you have a 4k monitor. Going from 1440p to 4k isn't really that much of a jump. It's a little more crisp. Objects are sharper and the aliasing is fixed for the most part. But that doesn't change what you're playing.

It's resolution. Ps gamers want games. Xbox showed games...that are available on other platforms. They can't win over pc gamers with this thing because it doesn't have any actual exclusives so Pc players can just play Ms games on pc which will look and run better.

The issue is you don't even need an Xbox. You can buy a pc (get access to all MS exclusives AND thousands more) and PS4. There. That's it.

JasonKCK576d ago

But I guess to you Sony did the right thing making a weaker mid gen system?

iNcRiMiNaTi576d ago

It's not bad for a $500 console. I did a 4k gears 4 benchmark to see how my system held up and it averaged at about 60fps with a 1080ti.

ImGumbyDammit576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

@windblowsagain "should have been working on a totally new system. With a completely new processor" What? The lowly 4 core version of Ryzen runs around $200. Xbox One X has 8 cores and 8 core Ryzen starts at over $300. That Ryzen is way too power hungry for console use (that is why PC players have those giant cases and liquid cooling because their systems are quite inefficient relative to what a console does with the tiny space it stuffs everything into). Even with some magical discounts Microsoft would need to get the pricing down to under $130. And at the same time for that price tag of $130 must also integrate Polaris into the APU to keep that $499 cost it is now. Heck forget about Vega, it isn't even out for PC's yet. Any narrative option of a console using a customized Vega is no go for a while. So, yea lets drive that console up $600 with a possible Ryzen chip and see the eye rolling then from everyone that are rolling their eyes on $499. The new CPU you think is going to coming won't be console ready for at least another two plus years (2019 earliest and still not price point ready we have with Jag based customized CPUs). PC gamers have this weird acceptance that lack of CPU power is such accepted determinant on the power of their systems capability. No, they just have generic off the shelf component in their machines. A CPU whose majority power was designed to run Excel spreadsheets better and slew of other tasks (a jack of all trades, not a true master of one). Whereas, consoles (even the base PS4 & Xbox One) are customized for one particular purpose gaming. They continuously bat way out their league compared to PCs costing double the cost nor matter how you look at them. Sure they are generally older or weaker on a spec sheet or both but they still are modified to do one task exceptionally well. The new Xbox One X takes that bat out it's league metaphor and pushes the normal expectations a great deal father than ever experienced before with a console. As such it is now getting nothing but praise from the actual development and gaming insider community on its true potential. All with in the very short time they have had their hands on the devkits. And yes I am sure when the Ryzen becomes available for a reasonable pricing point for the console both Sony and Microsoft will use it to it's fully customized gaming purpose at that time as well. It just isn't feasible to do now or the next few years. As for new systems it takes years not weeks to do these systems. I am 100% sure they are both readying devices (Phil has said as much and Sony isn't not being idle behind the scenes as well) and at that time they will be ready to work with Ryzen in a few years time.

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