Sega Tokyo Game Show 2008 Line-up

Sega has just unveiled its Tokyo Game Show 2008 Line-Up. We can see that recently announced titles like Phantasy Star 0 and 7th Dragon for the Nintendo DS are in the list.

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3668d ago
TheColbertinator3668d ago

Bayonetta,Yakuza 3,and the rumored Skies of Arcadia game are the interesting games I hope to see

DarkSniper3668d ago

Sega seems to be disinterested in producing another sequel to the greatest franchise in history, Shenmue. Therefore, Dark Sniper wishes nothing but the worst for Sega until the company decides to get their act together.


TOO PAWNED3668d ago

YEah i love Shenmue but lets face it, Sega invested 70million USD in Shenmue 2 which is still a record, i think, and game didnt sell that well, so ....
But i think Yakuza team should do sequel with lower budget of course. I am sure then they would turn profit. I know i would buy it.

DarkSniper3668d ago

The reason why Dark Sniper believes Shenmue was such a high scale project is because of the hardware that was being developed at the time. Initially on Sega Saturn, a system that was extremely difficult to program for. Then brand new Dreamcast hardware. Add in the NPC's and you do have a grand budget.

But there's no reason to believe that Shenmue III couldnt be produced at a reasonable budget scale. The story is there and the general engine and infastructure is there as well. Where people do get confused at is the 70 million was used to developed BOTH Shenmue I and II. If you look at the Saturn footage of the game, scenes from Shenmue II was present in the video.


CloudsEnd3668d ago

You are so awesome Dark Sniper. :'D

But Hey:

- Yakuza 3 (PS3)
- Bayonetta (PS3 / Xbox 360)

Bayonetta.. its going to be more Superior on the Playstation 3, because of its Controller.

The Xbox 360 Controller is a Pain in the Arse when it comes to games like Bayonetta, Bayonetta is going to play like Devil May Cry and God Of War.

And Yeah, Yakuza 3 is made of win. Epic Win.

gano3668d ago

Garnet chronicles is a good rpg. I heard the maker of shenmue
left that's y they haven't spoken on another one.

DarkSniper3668d ago

Kotaku published an article. Yu Suzuki is still employed at Sega.


gano3668d ago

Word, what the hell.

Daver3668d ago

bayonneta looks incredible!

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