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Is the addition of Link gear in Skyrim for the Switch enough to entice Nintendo Switch owners to purchase the game?

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FallenAngel1984485d ago

I doubt it'd be a big seller, especially enough to warrant more support from Bethesda

_-EDMIX-_485d ago

Well you can't blame them for trying and you also have to consider you're talking about a game that is moved a ridiculous number of units in a series that has never even touched a Nintendo platform so it wouldn't surprise me that it wouldn't be a huge seller so I don't really know what they're expecting to sell.

So like I said I'm not sure what is enough to them in terms of more support because we don't even know what it cost for them to make that version

I'm pretty positive they're going to break even , enough to justify future support? Who knows.

conanlifts485d ago

Well skyrim remastered sold okay. In addition they now have a full price skyrim VR available for preorder. So why not skyrim switch for the portable aspect. I know i am tempted to play it in portable mode and i own it on pc.

Dirtnapstor485d ago

A handheld version of Skyrim, with the inclusion of Link (and possible other characters?), I think it will do well. For those who have never played before, this will be like a more realistic Zelda experience. I'll buy it.

JokerBoy422485d ago

For those who havent played it? After this game being rereleased for the millionth​time, i think its safe to say that whoever hasnt played it by now probably doesnt care to at all. Especially when this Link stuff is on the Xbox One and PC versions through mod support. So this isn't really anything new.

Dirtnapstor485d ago

This is a novelty specifically geared towards the Nintendo fan base. It'd be a safe bet that there is a decent quantity that have yet to play Skyrim despite the numerous rereleases.
So, will you be passing on Skyrim VR also?

_-EDMIX-_485d ago

That's kind of a big issue as well.

I mean you're also talking about it install base that is decided to not purchase a system capable of playing this game so I find it difficult to understand how many people would pay for this game if they weren't even willing to purchase it for this several years it has been available.

cpayne93485d ago

Hopefully there will be more new content

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory485d ago

If the fact that Nintendo seems to be publishing it is true then it probably will do better.

porkChop485d ago

It depends. Is this the remaster? Is it vanilla Skyrim? Is it somewhere inbetween? They need to talk about it. Full retail price is far too much for vanilla Skyrim, even with the expansions.

I've seen comparisons that put it much closer to the remaster, so if it is indeed that version I don't understand why they're not announcing that.