The Show Maybe Goes Online!

The thickest, funniest, and most-content heavy E3 pamphlet ever created is now available at the offical Konami site. Distributed to thousands of attendees at E3 2006, the Show Maybe is a 58-page pamphlet that features big previews of our upcoming titles, in-depth interviews with Mr. Kojima, candid articles about HIDEOBLOG, and ads from Kojima Productions, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and your favorite gaming media.

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OutLaw5823d ago

Metal Gear Solid is one of the games I would truly miss if I didn't buy the PS3.

ps3willrule5823d ago

tru tru devil may cry is another one

pRo loGic II5823d ago (Edited 5823d ago )

Never got into MGS the level set up was to weird/retarded to me, and the gameplays alright but cheezzy. Lots of good ideas but has an equal amount of bad ideas. But lot of people like it so what do i know.

PS360PCROCKS5823d ago

nah this is a good game it's cool to play a role of a agent, because u have to act stealth by sneaking around and being quiet, breakin light bulbs, hiding bodies, truly genius, it puts thinking into a video game, kinda like tomb raider, where you only beat it by figuring out the puzzle, cause we all know it was easy getting past the jumps and bad guys

pRo loGic II5823d ago (Edited 5823d ago )

Yah, true, most see it that way. I don't like the mix of camera over the top crap ect. It's a little kiddy for my taste, i'll stick with Splinter Cell. I'm picking up Tomb Raider at the end of the month love the demo and they really changed the old fashioned PlayStation lack of analog-Lara on rails control. plus the camera is smart unlike MGS, just my taste.

OutLaw5823d ago

Well meverybody has their own preference. but I feel if it wasn't for this series. There wouldn't be stealth games.

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