Requiem For The Hardcore

Chris Morris of Forbes writes:

"It's easy to dismiss the most avid gamers as a vocal minority. They obsess over games before they're released and then often savagely rip apart the very thing they were so eagerly anticipating. They argue passionately about the most minor of details, and they demand to be catered to by developers.

But those same people buy multiple titles every month and can be powerful opinion makers who influence the mass market. "Grand Theft Auto," for instance, would never have become a cultural touchstone if not for the hardcore gamer's seal of approval."

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poindat3670d ago

I damn well hope we're still relevent. I can't imagine a gaming world filled with the likes of the Wii and nothing else.

Relin3669d ago

The glory days of gaming being for us are now over. Glad I lived to play then :)