Vista Gaming: 10 Reasons Why It Will Be Hot, 5 Reasons Why You should be Worried

Old school computers gamers can tell you of the time when the best games were actually developed for the PC. This was long after the crash of 1983 when the first great consoles including the Atari 2600 and Intellivision systems died out, and even after the heyday of those classic Commodore 64 games. In the early 1990s the best games were on the PC with titles that included the original Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, SimCity, Doom, Dune II and Castles. While the shooters and strategy titles were still rough around the edges, console gamers were stuck with side-scrolling Mario and Sonic.

The games for the PC in 1993 may have been awesome but it is generally agreed that the operating system sucked. DOS meant that you had to worry about port numbers, IRQ settings and basically had to hope you could get the sound to work. That all changed with the arrival of Windows 95, which truly turned the PC into an easy to use gaming machine. However, somewhere along the way the consoles caught up, and in many cases surpasses the old PC titles. Today the best shooters, such as Gears of War are on the Xbox 360. But don't rule out the PC yet.

First, Microsoft went and rebranded PC entertainment with the launch last year of Games For Windows. And next week the newest version of Windows arrives in the form of Windows Vista. Most of the features, including 3D animation with the interface and more folders aren't floating our boat, but for gaming this could be the start of something big. Here are 10 reasons why gaming on Vista is going to be hot:

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DonSqueak5216d ago

... and how exactly did THAT make things better? Am I much mistaken or was 95 just another front-end for DOS? As I recall things gradually got better after we were nearing Windows 98 and only in a scenario where you had all the correct drivers and the right equipment.

calderra5216d ago

1) Win 95 had a "start" button, finally a concept most idiots using computers could grasp.
2) DirectX was cookin'.

Rooted_Dust5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

This has X-bot writen all over it. Even when he's praising Vista he can't stop talking about the 360. "Best Shooters on Consoles..." Don't make me laugh. PC's have always been home to the best FPS,MMO,RTS,Simulation, and multiplayer games(free multiplayer).