Grand Theft Auto IV & Grand Theft Auto V both drop to "Mixed" overall ratings on Steam

DSOGaming writes: "After Take-Two shutting down the OpenIV mod for Grand Theft Auto V, a lot of PC gamers decided to flood both GTA V and GTA IV with negative reviews on Steam. As such, the overall rating for both of these titles has dropped to “Mixed” from “Overwhelming Possitive” and “Mostly Possitive”, respectively."

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InTheZoneAC489d ago

PC side is unbelievably full of waaahs

Ashlen489d ago

At least they have the balls to try to stand up for something. 2k Cutting off mods that had existed for years that Rockstar themselves had supported was a dick move.

The flip side is console gaming which is full of morons who pay for online, ushered in DLC, are the harbingers of micro-transactions in single player games and will be the reason paid mods succeeds where before when PC gamers said no it failed.

FullmetalRoyale489d ago

But rating a game low? Making a blimp with a childish remark? That's how you stand up for something? I guess that's how people see it in this social media world. To me it just looks petty.
You'll all buy their next game, so through as much shade as you like.

Ashlen489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

What other options are there? Most people already own the game so it's not like they can say we're not going to buy it.

At least they are doing something instead of just taking it in the ass with a smile.

Edit: Rockstar is owned by Take Two, I mistakenly said 2k.

InTheZoneAC489d ago

You think only consoles are full of microtransaction users? I could easily say most PC gamers are pirates anyway.

Ashlen489d ago


Uh, you know this article is talking about Steam reviews from people who paid for the game, right?

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Cobra951489d ago (Edited 489d ago )

Don't get mad, get even.

There are even better ways to do that. Talented folks online unite.

Edit: Um, "positive" has one 's' only.

2pacalypsenow489d ago

Lol, who cares.

Rockstar already have over 80 million sold. Steam users actually think this will affect the game?

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