India's gaming potential is 'immense'

Developing territory is increasingly turning away from piracy and has a bright gaming future, says analyst firm.

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DA_SHREDDER3696d ago

Just look at the last guy.

TOO PAWNED3696d ago

Please dont over exaggerate!
You must be from India?

kittoo3696d ago

I think he was referring to those awesome trailers more than anything else.

Richdad3695d ago

Indian are good at programming and I mean it but the part they lack is artwork because as being Indian myself it easy to see all focus is here on studies and arts is not given importance by most people here since it doesnt gives a good carrer currently.
Also videogames is more of arts than science most of the developers agree.
Ask any Indian abt how he want to be a game dev he will say he will learn C, Java or any other programming but if you say abt artwork he will definetly not be interseted in it.

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TOO PAWNED3696d ago

Didnt Sony invest some resorces in few Indias studios few months ago?
Also wasnt Last Guy developed by some India studio?

devilhunterx3696d ago

Did you even bother reading the CREDITS?

cmrbe3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Sony has invested alot in India lately. From experience they are pretty good in programming but weather they could produce great games we will have to wait. I do have faith in them. It would be great to see new games from a different country for once.

Capt CHAOS3696d ago

Companies will always invest where they can get cheap employment. But dev is getting more expensive in India as the earnings continue to go up.. China could be the next place.

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DA_SHREDDER3696d ago

and I was exagerating. Man, the Gamer Zone is so lame.