The Evil Within 2 Not Directed By Shinji Mikami

It's not a detail that publisher Bethesda has been focusing on, but original director and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is not helming The Evil Within 2.

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zielocz3k2179d ago

It can still be great without him. Look at RE. He directed the first one but not directed RE2 (only produced) and it was even better than the first.

naruga2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

are you joking RE2 better than RE1 ??...not even close ...scrapped RE 1.5 maybe had a chance to match RE1 in atmosphere but they cut it all together ...also i hope Shinji works on a different game for different, japanese this time developper ,.Evil Within had its moments but wasnt really memorable or worth of a sequel (1000 times better than REsi 7 though)

UCForce2179d ago

I hope he direct Vanquish 2.

Dark_Knightmare22179d ago

lol dude plenty of people think of resident evil 2 has their favorite it's def mine so what was so outrageous about him saying that

TiberusX872179d ago

Shinji Mikami said before The Evil Within released that it would be the last game he directs. Tango Gameworks is still his studio, most of the same team are developing the sequel, and he's still involved as producer.

In saying that, though, he has said this before, but it looks like now he's got a studio established that he's finally going through with it and taking a more of a backseat role.

EatCrow2178d ago

We will see. I have found other games have been able to take the RE mantle. That IP went downhill for me after number 2.

opinionated2178d ago

It could be better for all I know. I just like Mikami's style.

EatCrow2178d ago

Dont get me wrong. I loved Evil Within 1.

TheOttomatic912178d ago

No worries here from me Mikami is trying to have the younger devs take the lead and there's nothing wrong with that.