Beyond Good and Evil 2 Nintendo Switch Rumor - Getting to the Bottom of It

"Is Beyond Good and Evil 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch, or isn’t it? Is the game an exclusive? A timed exclusive? Hell, is the game really even in development?
We decided to put together a timeline of this rumor and how it evolved. We also wanted to look at each claim individually and explore whether it has come to fruition." - Nintendo Enthusiast.

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EddieNX 541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

Tbh I don't care. All we wanted was a normal sequel, but this game sounds like a Joke atm. I'll be cautious about buyinng it on Xbox let alone Switch.

AspiringProGenji541d ago

What is the reason for this to be exclusive? Didn't Ubisoft fked it up trying to make Raiman Legends Wii U Exclusive and had backtrack?

Moreover I search this series since I haven never played it, and it was on PS2, xbox, and PC, not just nintendo. It even came first on PS2 and 1 month later to other consoles. You be Soft should know better to not make it exclusive or even timed. This doesn't have to be

The 10th Rider540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

Honestly, they sort of f***** it up by 'making it exclusive' then unmaking it an exclusive. It still sold the best on Wii U but it also pissed off a lot of Wii U owners (apparently the Wii U version was finished, they just delayed it to launch with the other versions. The devs got the announcement when everyone else did). They should have simply stuck one way or another from the beginning.

Concertoine540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

It was slated for Feb 2013 - smack dab in the longest drought of the Wii U's lifespan. If Ubisoft launched Rayman at the beginning of 2013 instead of the fall when it went up against other Wii U games, the series could be a third party mainstay on nintendo platforms today.

Its amazing what gamers will buy in the midst of a drought.

Babadook7540d ago

This game may be great? Who knows? But the cg teaser shown years ago bored me. Seemed like more vapourware than a game. (And it WAS vapourware) Sure enough they are only now getting around to making a game. Yawn.

Istolla540d ago

It came out on the Xbox and PS2 at the same time.

Istolla540d ago

Why do you care about exclusivity of a game you've never played? If it was a Sony exclusive would you have complained?

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joab777541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

I just want Spencer to call Nintendo and ask, do you wanna partner? You are treat at making games, and we have this beast of a machine that will play them in glorious 4k/60 fps. Let's do this! Man, would I be happy!

porkChop541d ago

MS make their money on their network and their games. They typically lose a lot of money on their hardware, so if there was a partnership I think they'd leave the system and R&D for Nintendo to handle. But if they created and maintained the network and OS, while Nintendo created the system, and both released games for it, that would be one hell of a console.

It'll probably never happen. But then again, Atari is releasing a new console, FF7 is getting a remake, Shenmue III is happening, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is happening, etc. The gaming industry is at a point where literally anything can happen lol.

The 10th Rider540d ago

I really doubt that's going to happen.

However I hope they both work together to get crossplay to be more prominent. Nintendo has the handheld space locked down and now Microsoft is releasing a beast of a home console. To by able to play crossplay between the two would be awesome. I do hope Sony plays ball as well, but Microsoft and Nintendo should be working with indies and third parties to exploit Sony's uncooperativeness while they have the chance.

_-EDMIX-_540d ago

I'm pretty positive you're not even going to notice the difference from those games anyway.

I'm pretty positive most people don't even care about this fake concern about a feature I'm pretty positive you never cared about when it was on the PS4 in the first place.

No one cares bud.

The 10th Rider540d ago

"I'm pretty positive you're not even going to notice the difference from those games anyway. "

What is that even supposed to mean? Of course I'd notice a difference. If something like Stardew Valley supported crossplay I'd buy it on Switch and PC in a heartbeat. To those of us who own two consoles and have family or friends that we like to play games with together, it'd make a noticeable difference. I guess you don't have people to play with locally or something. Crossplay has always been a feature I've wanted.

And obviously some people care, as seen by the number of articles and comments about it. You can keep telling yourself that nobody cares but it will never make it true.

_-EDMIX-_540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

Lol on an install base that doesn't buy Japanese games? On an install base that also sells less units? That seems like a pretty stupid partnership.

You know things are getting really really sad when Microsoft fans are getting to the point where they're begging completely different Publishers for games 😂😂😂

Istolla540d ago

Then innovative consoles like the Switch would not happen. I'd hate that move. I couldn't care less about 4k.

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-Foxtrot541d ago

With it being a prequel and a number of other things already discussed, I couldn't care any more if it is.

FallenAngel1984540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

There was a rumor that this game would be exclusive to Switch 😂

Now the truth is that it's exclusively not on Switch

ptownjbo540d ago

platforms have not yet been announced and the game is being built on an engine that the wii u supports.

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