Only a fraction of Original Xbox Games will make it to Xbox One

One of Microsoft’s big announcements at its E3 press conference this year was support for Xbox backwards compatibility on the Xbox One but we will only see a small number of games.

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badz149487d ago

this is pretty much expected. it's not native BC just like those 360 games. adjustments needed to be made. of course not all games are coming

fathertime4464487d ago

Problem with this article is that publishers don't have to do anything. All bc games are handled by Microsoft. All a publisher has to do is give the green light

TheCouchHobo487d ago

The games need to be configured to run on Microsoft's emulator, the same way they did with the Xbox 360 games. The main issue the piece covers is that the publishers don't exist to give the rights to Microsoft.

HotMoltenLava487d ago

See that's how mis information gets put out on here. Phil Spencer himself said in a recent interview that backward compatibility for the first Xbox is actually easier to run than the 360 because of the way they were made. So it is not the same as the Xbox 360.

XMarkstheSpot487d ago

In a way its the same. But the Xbox One power allows for them to "brute force" the game to run without needing to go through and do what they do for the 360. That's what Phil said

fathertime4464487d ago

It also states they publishers won't want to take the time. In no way shape or form did I refute that part of the article, not did I say all will be bc. I simply corrected the part where the surgery stated that the developer wouldn't want to program the emulator, which they wouldn't have to anyways because Microsoft takes care of that.
Anyone disagree with me that actually understands English and that read the article?

freshslicepizza487d ago

Some of the developers don't even exist anymore, Phil already said it will be tough getting some rights.

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_-EDMIX-_487d ago

Well they have to give the green light clearly they have to do something

there are some Publishers for whatever legal reason that are against the resale of their games past a specific date.

Dlacy13g487d ago

I'm pretty sure the author is way off the mark with the notion that developers need to rework textures for the games. Microsoft is running an emulator in the background on Xbox One so that wont require developers to go back in and do more work and handle the display attributes

Llw487d ago

So glad I still have my original xbox. I still play the SSX games often.

LAWSON72487d ago

Are these BC games upscaled to 1080p?

Mikefizzled487d ago

I don't believe so but they definitely run better framerate wise. Digital Foundry have done some pretty conclusive testing in that regard.

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The story is too old to be commented.