An Underdog Story: How the Wii Became Number One

Nintendo rolled the dice with the Wii and it seems to have come up seven for the company, while Sony is constantly betting the hard eight and losing chips by the handful.

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True Gamer5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

Last time I checked the Gamecube with the new remote, I mean the Nintendo Wii, was number #2.

And once the hype goes away it will be #3.

MicroGamer5228d ago

Wii is here to stay, like it or not. At worst, they will finish 2nd. They will not be dead last this time. That honor belongs to PS3.

Marriot VP5228d ago

yes the wii is here to stay for the next 2-3 years until it's replaced with another console from nintendo called the HD-Wii version.

Maddens Raiders5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

the wee's err..wii's for kidz.
Sowii...jeesh I wish all the kids would hurry and get these eye-poisoning machines and go away quietly into 12 year old heaven......sorry Link, but you're just too damned jaggy and gamecubish for me to get with ya bro..... =]

calderra5228d ago

Not to mention his Gamecube counterpart got consistently higher marks in comparisons.

Wii's a lot of fun, but whether it's compelling enough to keep up some staying power (with frikken' $50+ games that look 5 years old!) is the real question.

Harry5228d ago

Explain how the Wii is for kids?

Most 12 year olds I know are mesmerised by explosions, gun, and blood.

DonSqueak5228d ago

The better Gamecube marks are due to the title being compared to what the Gamecube can do, while the Wii version is in comparison to what the Wii could do, and as such, the Graphics and so on could be a lot better on the Wii, but Zelda is in its core a Gamecube title.

About the Wii being just for kids: Look at the demographics of Wii players and think again. Nintendo is going after the non-gamers, which doesn't mean that they wanna lose the kids, mind you. Still, the Wii is probably not gonna distract the so-called "Hardcore Gamer". I just hope they will get the developers to develop for Wii, so the strategy works.

As to the PS3: If I were Sony, I'd start praying that their "sins" will be forgiven, and that FFXIII sells its due. If that doesn't happen, and BlueRay might flop, well you just do the maths.

Odiah5228d ago

keep ripping on a great console without turning round to stare at their own consoles failings.

It's only a matter of time before it reachs no 1 spot.

It's already outsold 360 in Japan which quite frankly is sad.

Twizzlada_Shogun5228d ago

They keep saying Wii took a gamble, and that is true, they did.

But i think PS3 took even a bigger gamble, by making their console so expensive, plus going a different path with the blu-ray. If blu-ray flops, they are in trouble.

Basically Wii and PS3 both took gambles...the only difference is, Wii's paid off....