Super Mario Odyssey Is the Followup to Sunshine We've Been Waiting For

If you've been waiting for a Mario title that delivers an experience similar to Super Mario Sunshine's, then get ready because Odyssey is the game for you.

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PhoenixUp853d ago

Are there going to voiced cutscenes in Odyssey like there were in Sunshine

-Foxtrot852d ago

Good. I've been dying for a more open main Mario title. Say what you want about Sunshine but it was a lot more open then Galaxy.

joab777852d ago

Nintendo is the greatest company. They do so much with so little lol. I can't help but be excited by 2 games. That's it! 2 games will sell this console! It's crazy if ya think about it! And anyone who claims they are buying it for any other reason is crazy!

wonderfulmonkeyman852d ago

I liked Galaxy a bit more than Sunshine, but this still has me excited.
And it's coming in October! That's so damned soon that it's crazy!
It makes you wonder what they're gonna announce closer to Christmas to compliment Xenoblade 2...