Pocket Gamer: Hollywood Hotel Review

If there's a surefire way of getting a menial task done with more of a spring in your step, it's by livening it up. Mary Poppins had it right, you know - even cleaning can be a ball if you whistle a happy tune while you're at it. Well, maybe not, but the concept of adding a bit of personality to a routine to soften its blow is a well versed one, and it's an ethic well employed by Hollywood Hotel.

This is a bubblegum-wrapped slice of strategy that dresses up puzzle- solving and decision-making in the kind of glitz and glamour you might expect to see in a cheesy American soap opera. It's a surprisingly good mix, and one that will no doubt entice a sizable audience that have never encountered a strategy title before, but it's not a trick that Studio X hasn't pulled before. Anyone who has sampled Hollywood Hospital will feel at home here from the start, because this takes the same foundations and simply adds a twist or two on top.

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