EA discusses Wii horsepower and graphics

Electronic Arts talks about differences in graphics on Tiger Woods for each console and why Wii is different.

In a recent interview about their golfing title Tiger Woods, EA had this to say:

"So the horsepower of the Wii is not quite up to the par of the 360. It's a little bit better than what we saw on the Xbox and PS2. So the graphics fall somewhere in between, you know, the PS2/Xbox and the 360."

"We do support 480p widescreen, we updated a lot of textures; the sky domes and the courses were all retouched, so they are updated as far as better than PS2 and Xbox. But they're not as up to par as Xbox 360 and PS3, which is understandable because that's what Nintendo is kind of going for. They're just trying to revolutionize the gameplay, instead of revolutionize graphics."

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MicroGamer5220d ago

480i SDTV and 480p EDTV are more than sufficient. 720p/1080i/1080p HDTV would be overkill and expensive to implement. Those resolutions would require a lot more graphics power than Wii currently has to juggle all those pixels without lagging. Wii is still a fun system to play on even if the graphics haven't kept up. Innovation is the key word with Wii.

Raist5220d ago

Somewhere between PS2/xbox and PS3/xbox360 ?

I'm still waiting or a wii game that would beat the crap out of latest xbox/PS2 games. Hell, take COD3, it looks exactly the same on Wii and PS2 lol.
The most "impressive" game for now, technically speaking, is Zelda TP. And it's identical on the gamecube, and not even on par with games like Fable or MGS3.

marionz5220d ago

i played zelda on both GC and wii, and the wii version is lightyears ahead in graphics! still not mind blowing tho

Raist5219d ago

Zelda TP wii better than NCG ?

It's the same version graphics wise, Nintendo said that a million times.

TheMART5220d ago

This guy is funny

Well it's EA again.

The Wii is just more in between PS2 and XBOX 1 with it's power.

Isn't this something everybody already knew???

eepiccolo5219d ago

Raist doesn't seem to be aware of it.

Odiah5219d ago

It's between Xbox and Xbox 360, get your fookin facts right.

rigo925219d ago

Some dont get that right, its better (hardware-wise) than Xbox 1 which was the best last gen, so it pawns all previous gen consoles. any bad graphics on wii can only be blamed on lazy/rushed devs.