Should the PR Police Give Molyneux a Break?

Thomgame: Peter Molyneux is no PR man, or so he would have us believe. The Lionhead legend, famed for his off-the-record and off-the-handle comments has been speaking on what price he has had to pay for his honesty about Fable II and the wider industry.

The issue here is not whether Molyneux is right or wrong to be so honest with the press. Molyneux, in his mind at least, has a duty to his paying public and fans to give them the whole truth about the product he has had a hand in creating. Whether his superiors realise it or not, those values are an asset and integral part of the brand which has developed around Molyneux, Fable II and Lionhead.

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jerkstore3697d ago

His game is garbage just like the bots like it (especially PP - takig it in the rear is his specialty).

This game will get bad reviews and suffer from horrible lag found exclusively on Xbox Live.

Molyneaux is free to quit making games for M$, but if he wants to develop games for Sony, he will have to start out as their janitor to help him clean the stench of M$ off of him.

Down with the bots!

DavidMacDougall3697d ago

Thats Microsoft right? The people who are changing his opinions for him ?

DJ3697d ago

But he's definitely the best spokesperson at Microsoft Game Studios.

cereal_killa3697d ago

He is good DJ but his honesty (Peter M.) is what hurts M$. No bigiwg at M$ want to hear someone put down a game especially the developer himself we all know the PR = professional liar/ Bullsh!t artist.

Jsynn73697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

This says a lot about Microsoft. How many times has a game dev wanted to be truthful about their products and their flaws to gain the trust of the consumers then M$ puts a gun to the back of their heads and tells them to make this game sound like it'll set a new standard for games in the future even though it'll be real bad. M$ is about hype. No matter how good or bad the game is, they want it to sell so they can make money. That's what their about really is the money in the end. Whether we enjoy the game or not is irrelevant to them.


Should Peter Molyneux give a break to talking PR BULLSH*T?

Really, I cancealed my 360 buying plans and will just wait for PC version.

Each time this guy talks, I lost more of the interest. He keep talking like making excuses for something we don't know or that other people have done...

Have faith in your own game if you did it right and that's it, don't need to talk about to Gaming Community like every 20 seconds.