Molyneux: 'Fable 2 co-op only possible because of LIVE'

The co-op features in upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Fable II are only possible because of the way Xbox LIVE is structured, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has told

When asked if he has ever fancied making a game for the PS3, Molyneux replied: "I um and ah because, OK, it's a quite sophisticated piece of tech. These days I don't get involved so much with shaders and the actual 3D design any more, the actual programming. It looks very complex. The 360 and the PS3 technically seem neck and neck. Sometimes I look at a title on the 360 it looks fantastic, sometimes I look at a title on PS3 and it looks fantastic. I can't see a difference.

"What I would say, and this is not just me being the good company man, I'd say the thing I love about the 360 more than anything is nothing to do with the hardware, it's all to do with LIVE. LIVE is still underexploited for a game mechanic. Some of the stuff in Fable II we're doing with co-op is only possible because of the way that LIVE is structured. I love playing around with that stuff as a designer. Whereas PS3 doesn't seem to be quite so mature on that side. They haven't got quite the same infrastructure and service but, you know, yeah, I'd love to get games on every platform."

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Fishy Fingers3696d ago

I wish he went into more depth as to why it's only possible on MS online inferstucture, without the extra information I struggle to understand exactly what he means.

beavis4play3696d ago

and why ask him if he ever wanted to do a ps3 game? he works for MS. what is he supposed to say?

ToastyMcNibbles3696d ago

i agree i wish he explained more...but hey it balances out...the co-op in fable 2 is only possible because of the 360's online structure and the 60 players online/8 player online co-op is only possible because of the ps3's online structure

Xelai3696d ago

60 player is possible because of dedicated servers,not the way PSN is structured.

SL1M DADDY3696d ago

It's an Xbox 360 exclusive. If it were not, then this would be a moot point. Sorry, but this sounds more like PR than anything else. I am looking forward to it for certain but people please, don't fall prey to the Kool-aid speach.

Bnet3433696d ago

Duke Nukem 3D has 8 player co-op. 8 player co-op ruins games IMO. Imagine Halo 3 with 8 player coop, 8 spartans would stomp through the game in a matter of minutes. That kind of stuff doesn't work for alot of Xbox 360 games, it's not that it cant be done. 60 player online game can be achieved on Xbox 360 provided dedicated servers. Perfect Dark Zero was 32 players and Delta Force Black Hawk Down was 50 players online. It's not a PSN thing. What Peter meant is that Live is a unified service, it's much easier to work with it without having connection issues and stuff like that.

Xelai3696d ago

Peter a PR guy? Someone who cares about branding, and that stuff?

Aaah, now I get it, you meant Peter Moore. ;-)

Dareaver13696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

he did not bash PSN or PS3....

PSN and Live do have different infrastructures....

Here's a bone for the fan-boys....

Because of Live's infrastructure, they have to be more careful with user-created content. I.E. Unreal 3.

Now the benefit's of PSN's infrastructure give it more freedom with user-created content and sharing.

Now see, there are strengths, benefits, and weaknesses in both systems.

It is easier to put a game on Live, because MS takes a big chunk out of the difficulties and cost of having an online game. Dedicated servers cost money and have their drawbacks, P2P has their drawbacks too, but for community gaming Dedicated might not be the better option, only for massive player counts.

with P2P, as long as there is another person playing online i can play the game with them. Dedicated servers, if they go down, that's it. Your investment is now useless online. See what i'm saying.

Peter is not trying to have a fanboy roast, he is just being honest. Live has a different infrastructure, which benefits Fable 2's play type.

There is no need to take offense....

@ below, remember, you can see your friends playing their own game while your playing yours, and you can invite them in and your own NPC's can respond to your friend differently, not only that, you can adjust and turn that off, but your friends characteristics translate over to the game easily, all this flows seamlessly. Live's infrastructure is so much more simple because MS gives the developers the tools, Many of the co-op features in Fable 2 are a first....

xhairs93696d ago

If he's talking about the ability to pop in and out of co-op games, it's been done on the PSN with PSN Games even. That monster game had 4 player co-op with pop-in and out without needing invites etc.

If he's talking about P2P, that's been done, look at MGO. It just doesn't make any sense, I can't think of anything else that could make the structure any different.

Lelouch V Brit3696d ago

and why ask him if he ever wanted to do a ps3 game? he works for MS. what is he supposed to say? "

agree Microsoft Signs his Checks.

navyguy213696d ago

I think he was talking about the fact that live is and integrated and unified service, meaning you are always connected to the network, sending and recieving information. This is why in co-op in fable 2, you can have the orbs (that shows where your friends are in their world) tracked constantly and accurately. This is why they are also able to track downloads, and determine the top games on XBL, because you are always sending usage information back to the servers. this is also why LIVE costs money, because someone has to maintain all these servers. and with PSN, everything falls on the the developer (friends lists, leaderboards, chatting, in game music, netcode, etc.)

Vecta3696d ago

Its exactly what navguy21 said.

MazzingerZ3696d ago

So Fable 2, a western RPG, will be special because of the co-op? (which won't ship at launch) RPG lovers, forget about story, gameplay and character development, MSFT asked him to talk about how amazing LIVE is...after Uncharted, GT5P, MGS4, LBP, etc...they can't use anymore "this game is only possible on the X360", so...

rosebowl233696d ago

Obviously they are trying to copy to get their own little "Only possible on Console" thing going like many developers have claimed on the PS3. It's a joke when the 360 does it though because it really doesn't have anything over PS3, unless you count lack of features as an advantage.

Dareaver13696d ago

please read Navyguy's post. It makes perfect sense, and hits the nail on the head.

BattleAxe3696d ago

Molyneux doesn't make any sense in what he is saying. If you can do 8 player online co-op in Resistance 2 then surely what he is saying is a pile of crap.

xhairs93696d ago

I get that it's a unified service and that the information is constantly being sent back and forth, but in order to play co-op you must be online period. With the PSN it can track the same things such as: downloads are tracked in the PS Store, top games CAN be tracked for online which is the same for the 360 (if you have no live account you can still play games, where do those stats go? it's just like playing the ps3 on single player without being online you wont get those stats) They can be tracked on both systems.

As far as tracking dots on the minimap for co-op it seems to me just to be a little bit of extra coding in the game through PSN which CAN be done, it's just left to the developer is all.

Taking a look back at his statement was that it, "could ONLY be done on the 360." With what's just been provided, it CAN be done on the ps3 but they just don't want to do the extra work (not saying I don't blame them, but it CAN still be done).

But at the same time, he didn't go into depth about his reasons so we can only assume he's talking about some other features of live...

Ju3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I'm with xhairs on this one. Where have you been guys. Since trophies found their ways into the PSN player ranking is possible. Also, friends and cross game friend invites is available thru the XMB now. No real need to have game specific implementations (however, some games let you track friends and simply join, best seen so far in UT3, IMO). So, I am not sure if I understand what so different in Live. But he didn't point out exactly what he was referring too.

Skadoosh3696d ago

Navyguy speaks the truth....

Fable 2 equals a perfect online experience while the PSN has something like MGO! A mess of an online experience.

BattleAxe3696d ago

Perfect online experience....realy? Wow, how is the game? How many hours have you played the game for?...........Keep quiet, you don't know what you're talking about, kind of like Microsoft employee Molyneux.

navyguy213695d ago

i didnt mean to offend anyone here lol. But let me explain. When i sign into XBL, im connected to my friends all the time. Live tracks what im doing and what they are doing and sends it to the respective consoles. example, if im at the dashboard, and my friend is playing GTA 4, if i go to his gamer profile, i can see what he is playing right down to the area he is in inside the game. Or with halo 3, i can tell what online mode he is in and the score and time left with the option to join right in, or madden i can tell the score of the game they are playing and if its online, franchise, or whatever. Thats what i meant. all this isnt done by the developer, its done by MS. With my PS3, first i have to sign into PSN, then i can only tell what game they are playing, no other info. I didnt mean that 60 player co-op is not possible like ive seen some posters say. I simply meant that everything online related is handled by MS, and thats what peter meant, because live allows the player's exact location in his own game to be displayed in mine with an orb. PSN isnt connected like that. The developer only does support for his/her own game.

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Forbidden_Darkness3696d ago

uuuummmmmm.... ahhhh? yeahhh/... sure... ummm.... hmmm...i.... ummm... you know i... ummm... wanted.... to... yeah.

Thats pretty much all i got out of that whole conversation...

The PS3 is completely capable of doing such things, but to his biased thoughts it only seems capable on the xbox 360 because M$ is paying him...

also i love the little hint at the end "I'd love to get games on every platform." further more stating that M$ is not going to have another console after the 360.

solidjun53696d ago

the company he works for is owned by Microsoft and I can understand, to some degree, his argument. Like Fishy Fingers said above, I wish he went more in-depth as to why the online infrastructure of LIVE is so unique that only Fable-2 co-op can only be implemented on. I mean, ToastMan018 alluded to a wondeful point. Resistance 2 is running something I find, quite frankly amazing (60 player/8 player co-op).

Besides, at least he's not Bull$%^(ING to the point of no return. It's not like Cliffy B, where it is inferred that he wouldn't work on the PS3 hardware because of the controller. I find that argument ludicrous considering he's a gamer and I'm sure he played the PS2 quite a few times. Or the guy from Bethesda who stated that the reason why the PS3 version hasn't been shown was because the 360 is easily transportable. I find that hard to believe, since you can just set up a Kiosk running both machines. Capcom did it for RE5. Anyway, I like Peter. He's someone you can have a good chat with, while having a few drinks.

bumnut3696d ago

60 players is no big deal, pc had had 64 players years ago.

but that is definately an adavantage for ps3 owners because the highest i have seen on 360 is 50 players (frontlines) which ran like crap.

solidjun53696d ago

by the same argument, I think the 2-player co-op is so unique. PC been doing that for years too. I'm speaking in the context of consoles.

kitzuki3696d ago

He's pulling this one out of his [email protected]@ but thats just me

dale13696d ago

to be fair on the guy,disc space was the problem for coop simple as that but he can,t really state that now can he.i don,t get that involved with shaders, programing etc and the ps3 is a high tech machine what does he do?

Fishy Fingers3696d ago

Really? Care to link me to anywhere that even suggests co-op was missed because of storage space?

I guess LBP is missing co-op create because lack of space on the BR disc?

Both dev's have said it was a decision made so the games could meet there respective release dates.

Please enlighten me as to what exactly would be needed software side to allow co-op that requires a large amount of storage.

kewlkat0073696d ago

awaits for a logical answer between disc space and co-op?

pp3696d ago

PSN = Constant Freezing

MAYBE after couple of hundred Firmwares PSN will catch up to xbox live

zimbo0073696d ago

MAG = 256 player online
R2 = 60 player online

0 LAG and is FREE TOO

maybe MS will fix LIVE and RROD by the end of this year

Veryangry_xbot3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

that PS3 is coming with LBP, the most revolutionary game ever, and also 4 player coop
that MAG is 256 player
that Resistance 2 has 8 player COOP
that UT3 came with MODS, ONLY POSSIBLE ON PSN.

Roflmao, its clear that Molyneux spend the last 3 years in a cave working on his mediocre game. Someone tell him to get with the facts!

WHATS NEXT? "WE INVENTED MIIS?" oh wait, they already came with that one hahaha. Delusional xbots.

Crazywhitie3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Mag will cost.... Wow Ps3 Fanwhores think they own the world because LBP is coming out soon... I just wish they understand that xbox live is better in every way.... Free or not.... LBP is made for kids and lady's... My kids are all over me to get that game... I'm waiting for that EyePet on PS3


where do you come up with this stuff??? 0 lag?? get real!

I'd gladly pay $50 a year for a online service that delivers in every way. I mean the money you spend (or in your case, your parents spend) on the extra power consumtion of the PS3 alone would more than pay for Live and that's not including what it would cost to run life with playstation for a year. Add another $350/y if you're constantly "[email protected]"

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