Playstation Official Mag UK Review of LittleBigPlanet

scans of the review here on N4G's forums after the jump

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hay3723d ago

Higher res please. I would like to read something.

nbsmatambo3723d ago

its great that they gave it a 10/10...

its more dserving of a 10 than GTA IV, not saying GTA IV was a bad game =/

drtysouf 213723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Can't Be Touched
Can't Be Stopped
Can't Be Moved
Can't Be Rocked
Can't Be Shook
It's Hot
When will you Haters Learn!

HighDefinition3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

This game will get STRAIGHT 10s and WILL have the highest average of any game, when all is said and done.

To people NOT in the BETA.


I`ve put over 40hrs over 3 days.......yeah.

Seriously I would rather have the BETA of this game, than the FULL version of any game released to date.

Harry1903723d ago

Is that really you DrtySouf?

Julie3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Really this game have a magic feeling, yesterday i was with a friend making a level for 10 hours straight, and the termometer was not even at half, and it have space ships, sounds for everything, lights..gosh i can't explain the feeling, this game is surely one of the best games i have played in my life, i cant wait to return home to keep building thingyes.

One i wish to say, one have to play it to understand how magical and perfect this game is, those who haven't played the game and hate it don't know the horrible mistake they are doing. Really i have no words, i love it :3

Mr_Bun3723d ago

I would have gladly paid full price for this beta if this were the final product and I would be damn happy about it!

Why o why3723d ago

ive still a beta virgin

whoelse3723d ago

Any website who give it below a 10 should be ignored through life yeah?

Dark_Overlord3723d ago

I scanned them at 300dpi and for some reason imageshack has resized them, if anyone knows of another hosting site that won't resize the images then i'll upload them to there

Dark_Overlord3723d ago

its lower res images i need not higher now they're readable

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fafoon3723d ago

Just this once 11/10 would be more fitting
We woud'nt hold it against you

Ha Ha LBP another AAA Title for the PS3

lodossrage3723d ago

IF there were an 11/10 rating, NOW is when it would be appropriate.

This game is less a game and more a phenomenon.

silverchode3723d ago

there saving the 11/10 for gow3 :)

pimpinal883720d ago

I really hope that Sony pushes the promotion on this game. I have yet to see any advertisements except on gaming sites. They need this one to do well. The only big titles coming out that can fight off GEARS2 and Fable 2 are Resistance 2, Socom, and I believe KZ2 is a little to far off to be considered competition for gears.

Liquid Dust3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

The beta is already changing how I think about games, I went to bed at 2am a few nights ago but quickly got right back up after being unable to shut off my brain to sleep since all I could think about was how to concoct a freakin awesome tank that I could use in my levels.

Put nearly 20 hours in on just a beta, imagine how many hours I could put in with a full game complete with 50 levels in the box, thousands of collectables, and creations to share online limitlessly.

This game will completely change how we interact in gaming environments by ourselves and with our friends.

LBP, October 21st

dale13723d ago

ten is the only score it could get unless some two bit blog site wants to create hits by giving it a low score

Drekken3723d ago

I dont even think they can score this low.

hay3723d ago

Pretty much agree. The game has awesome possibilities and being fun at the core. It's not just the same repetitive levels. It's great even as beta, I wonder how the final outcome will be. 9.5+ at least for me.

theEnemy3723d ago


Remember the 8/10 MGS4 ? :)

TheHater3723d ago

True. Eurogamer is a Joke, and I really don't think anyone take their reviews seriously anymore

CBosh43723d ago

I think Eurogamer also gave Gears an 8/10, they give a ton of 8/10's to great games. If LBP gets higher than an 8 down there then it'll be pretty special. I don't care either way as i know i'll be playing this game for years.

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infamous_273723d ago

I knew it would get a 10!