Anthem “Is a 10-Year Journey for BioWare”, EA Says

In a recent interview with Xbox Daily: Live Show @ E3 guys, the Executive VP of EA Worldwide Studios Patrick Söderlund released some new details for Anthem, next “Destiny competitor” open-world action-RPG in development at BioWare Edmonton studios for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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freshslicepizza486d ago

Sounds like it was made to directly compete with Destiny and I may cancel my Destiny 2 preorder now.

SCW1982486d ago

It was and "why not both?"

freshslicepizza486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

You're right, why not both. Too many games I guess, also preordered Star Wars Battlefront II> I guess I don't want too many shooters which is why I will likely ignore Call of Duty again

donthate486d ago

Why support horribly unethical companies when there are great alternative games?

486d ago
SCW1982486d ago

@ donthate

Who are you referring to and about what?

_-EDMIX-_486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Absolutely agreed if somebody likes the concept of Destiny and they enjoyed it the first time around I see no reason to not Dive In for 2.

Even I have my criticisms about Destiny but I put in about 60 hours in the game and for what it is I still respect what they did. It has its moments in terms of crazy firefights and going through lots of Dungeons and mindlessly grinding but I'm actually quite okay with that.

I would say the only reason why I'm probably going to skip Destiny this year is Battlefront 2 is already a purchased by me and I'm definitely buying the new Call of Duty which I haven't bought a new Call of Duty literally since Modern Warfare 2.

It just seems like a lot of games to be playing with multiplayer Focus so I just don't see me even giving Destiny 2 enough attention to Warrant a purchase.

But if somebody likes Destiny 2 and they like this game I actually don't really see much reason to pick one over the other especially considering their release dates are pretty far apart from each other.

@don-I don't buy my games based on such Concepts and I damn well won't negate purchase of a game because of such a concept.

3-4-5485d ago

* Exactly. For me I get to play Destiny & Anthem now. I'll have two awesome fun games to play and sink time into and will always have something to play weather they are my main game or just become the side game I play until the next game I want is released.

They both look like a lot of fun.

dirkdady485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

It looks pretty but the moment I saw the player do a boost jump and propel forward I instantly has flashbacks of mass effect andromeda. no sale for me until I see some good reviews.

The gunplay was just as cringeworthy as andromeda as well.

badz149485d ago

10 year plan ha? I wonder if they purposely screwed up ME Andromeda so they can convince people that it's time for them to move on to something else?

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Summons75486d ago

I'm probably going to skip Destiny 2 at least for now but Bioware has burned us too many times for me to even begin to trust them. I'll wait for the inevitable beta/demo to see about their game. It looks fantastic and the concept seems interesting and with them not constrained to fan expectations with a new IP it'll be interesting to see what they can do not as the classic Bioware that everyone fell in love with all those years ago but as the brainless EA drones they are today.

This clearly is a Destiny clone/ competitor but hopefully, it doesn't suffer the same fate as Titanfall trying to take on Call of Duty.

freshslicepizza486d ago

Do you honestly think Anthem will be out in the first half of 2018?

moomoo319486d ago

They said fall 2018. Not surprised judging by the scope of that demo.

_-EDMIX-_486d ago

I'm pretty positive this isn't a clone of Destiny considering this game was actually being developed around the same time.

You could even look at the E3 press event where BioWare confirmed they were working on a new IP was actually the same event in which Destiny was revealed.

I mean I don't even know how to take your post considering you're telling me you were in love with the developer 🤔

I mean so what you're telling me is we need to throw you into the cult fanatic category?

I mean if that's the case your view or opinion based on this game is kind of irrelevant considering. When you take a Fantastical hard-edge approach on a game series because of a biased view on a developer based on an emotional concept like love, you hurt your points significantly.

ie I don't care about the future Rockstar Games because I was in love with the original Grand Theft Auto and ever since they went with Grand Theft Auto 3 they've tainted the series.

I mean does that sound like a person that can even give you a real opinion on a game or does that sound like a fanatic that is going to downplay every single thing this developer does because of emotional situation?

Once you jump into that fanatic category of exaggerating everything to just unrealistic measures it hurts really understanding or believing any post going forward.

I mean for all I know you're probably just mad this isn't coming to the switch 😂😂😂

NiteX486d ago

So you would cancel a game that's coming out in Sep for a game that's not coming out for another 2 years? Awesome spidey sense you got there.

486d ago
subtenko485d ago

You might as well tell him to buy a car that comes out this year and then actually buy the one he wants when that comes out next year. They dont wanna pay for more than what they want!. Spidey sense wtf..

Saijahn486d ago

If Anthem was releasing Jan - April of 2018 i'd cancel Destiny 2. As an xbox player, we're already getting the short end of the stick.

_-EDMIX-_486d ago

Based on how long this game is being developed for that's extremely unlikely you would have to consider early at one of the E3 when Destiny was announced BioWare actually confirmed a new IP and even showed footage of the engine of one of the areas.

Trust me this game was in developing for a very very long time. Destiny is not the first open world RPG.

GearSkiN485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

cancel destiny 2??when D2 comes in few months and this game comes prob next fall?? make sense.

SpaceRanger485d ago

So one comes out this year and the other has a higher potential of being delayed to fine tune. But yeah, cancel the first one.

You really do love and are used to waiting that much for games, aren't you Moldy?


sure cause thy arent comming one year between each other.

Dark_Knightmare2485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Destiny comes out in like two months and this comes out like a year or more after that if it doesn't get delayed plus we've seen barely anything of Anthem for you even to make that judgement

jmac53485d ago

That's going to be a long wait for you.

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jhoward585486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

From the article:
I would firmly say that I haven’t seen any open world that looks as good as this, ever, which is kind of what we wanted.

That's exactly what I wanted too. Thanks, Bio. Graphic fidelity is way better than having high res graphics. I guessing that why Bio went with checkerboarding rendering for Anthem, to get the most out of xb1x hardware.

Artemidorus486d ago

Reality is, Four year game with a sequel in the talks already, you have been warned.

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