E3 2018 set for June 12 to 14

E3 2018 will take place between June 12 and 14, 2018, the Entertainment Software Association announced. The organization counted 68,400 people in attendance at this year’s E3, which is up 18,100 from last year’s 50,300 attendees.

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Relientk77489d ago

I'll be ready to watch all the conferences like usual

SojournUK488d ago

PS5/Xbox2 announcement for November 2018?

CernaML488d ago

Opening to the public was a mistake.

steven83r488d ago

Let's hope it is not open to the public again. Worst E3 I have been to. So many ghetto people showed up and a lot more of their friends running through the door past security arguments pushing shoving nothing to lose when you're not part of the industry.