( - Game Review: Jeopardy! on PSN

When was the last time you were asked "This 'stately' dessert consists of sponge cake, ice cream & meringue, & is baked hot for 5 minutes?". (answer it in comments) Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) answers "$14.99 Trivia Game on the PSN", "What is Jeopardy!?". Sometimes a good trivia game will remind you just how smart, or un-smart you really are. will break down, "The Good" - Jeopardy!, "The Bad" - Double Jeopardy! and a final score - Final Jeopardy!

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Nineball21123670d ago

I'm still not sold on buying this PSN title. Unfortunately for this game (but fortunately for me!), there are just too many other solid titles (both on PSN and on disc format) out there right now.

I realize that $15 isn't a bank breaker, but I'd rather hold off for other games right now.

TheTimeDoctor3670d ago

i agree. i have it and it needs trebek and a bigger pool of questions. without those two things it isn't worth $15 dollars.