58% of retailers have the PS3 in stock

A recent research study has checked over one hundred and fifty retailers to find out what proportion has the PlayStation 3 in stock. Over 58% of the retailers questioned had at least one unit but a mere 3% had Nintendo's Wii in stock. This gives us some evidence of the PS3's sale decrease, but this could be due to Sony shipping more systems...

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Maddens Raiders5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

I read this earlier today and find it ironic that whilst most of the stores had product on shelves the wii had paltry amounts in house compared to the PS3. We'll be able to tell if this was a clever move (production -wise) by Reggie and the gang in donkeyland, especially considering the production of blu-laser diodes for SNE, or is he playin' a console game of Texas Hold 'em in anticiaption of the European launch. SNE ramped up production big time at the end of 2006 and US Tax Refund season is right around the corner. I'm not saying that PS3's are gonna start flying across the sku scanners, but Europe was SNE's second largest supporter of consoles and doubt this "slow churn" will last much longer. The long-term solution is really simple. Make irresistable kick-ass games and the consoles will sell despite the no early price drop. Period. Duh?

PS360PCROCKS5421d ago

No the Wii is far easier to build so they can make the systems faster or as fast as sony can, it's just that the ps3 is not selling as good as the wii, it's simple look at the price difference

calderra5421d ago

People say PS3 is just shipping so many units... except that Nintendo is pushing many times more units and selling them all. Xbox 360 was similarly un-findable well into March/April in spots.

PS3 is the only next-gen console to have become so available so early.

slugg5421d ago

Overpriced, overhyped blu-ray player with no outstanding games available vs. inexpensive, innovative games machine with fun, new games available including the best launch title in history (Zelda). I wonder which will sell better...