IncGamers: The Japanese Angle 29/09

IncGamers' Japanese feature discusses everything from the land of the rising sun. Tokyo correspondent, Jake Kawaguchi is back with more news and information from Japan.

This week: the dawn of Studio Ghibli games, Gardening Mama, a 'free' PS3 MMORPG, a new DS, and more…

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Leord3672d ago

"Studio Ghibli games" - You are kidding me! Oh my god, that's nice! I love Ghibli Anime!

Wuushu3672d ago

I love asian.... food

player_729853672d ago

Looks interesting... Cooking Mama was always pretty... odd imo, the free mmo might have potential, though, but who knows.. PS3 afterall :P

syrinx3672d ago

Free MMO, interesting to see that on the PS3.

Maticus3672d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth :P

AndyA3672d ago

New DS sounds interesting. Another great read.