PS3's LittleBigPlanet births You-tube like social game design

YouTube has shown the world that online community and social interaction are a fundamental part of the way that savvy folk want to communicate these days. It's that very attraction to online social engagement that Sony is banking on this holiday season with its newest social gaming experiment, LittleBigPlanet. Now that the beta is up and running, we've sunk hours into the title to see if its novel approach to content creation works as advertised.

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Mr_Bun3697d ago

Can't praise this game enough!

jkhan3697d ago

Well Youtube needs a bigger storage system, if they want to keep up with the LBP madness, this is just the beta, just for one second think what will happen when the retail version hits the store:|

dale13697d ago

i feel sorry for the 360 users there never going to get creative user stuff like this with there locked online policy,

Mr_Bun3697d ago

It's not like they "can't" buy a PS3.