WipEout HD Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "WipEout HD is a remix in the most proper sense - it takes what made the series popular, gives it an ample layer of polish, and slaps on a hard-to-resist price tag. Most $60 games don't provide such a great experience; the fact that HD does so at a third of the price is a testament to Sony Liverpool's talent."

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prunchess3671d ago

I must have spent about four hours playing this online last night. Wicked, Wicked game! This is a must buy for any PS3 owner. The ZONE mode is amazing. Really intense!

I would have loved to have seen the orignal untoned down version of the ZONE mode. Maybe a cheat will surface after a month or two....

We can only hope.

rbluetank3671d ago

i am spending more time in this $20 game then a game that cost $65 dollars. the game is addicting and it gives you a reason to keep playing. i have to leave now and go back to playing...i am starting to shake and go cold turkey!!! lol