Nintendo Accused Of Cultural Appropriation With Super Mario Odyssey

The latest Super Mario game is being accused of cultural appropriating the Mexican culture, according to a number of users on social media.

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Eliseo6762589d ago

As a Mexican, I would appreciate if white ladies would stop "defending" my culture.

A lot of us believe it's cool for people to learn about traditions we love, sombrero and fiestas at the top of it.

This people have already taken Speedy away from us, they should not take Mario with a Sombrero too.

letsa_go2589d ago

I am also mexican and I hate these damn SJW's getting offended for everyone. I welcome mexican mario and can't wait to play Super Mario Odyssey!

Eonjay2588d ago

I honestly don't know how people have enough spare time to even come up with this stuff.

Critic4l_Strik32588d ago

Another Mexican here. Yes man, I totally agree with you. As soon as I saw the trailer featuring a Mexican setting and Mario wearing a sombrero/poncho, the first thing that came to my mind was.."Here we go, SJWs are gonna start popping up and make a big deal out of it". Honestly I think its cool that Nintendo took some Mexican themes for the game. It will open up interest, appreciation and curiosity to other people about it

dcbronco2588d ago

You have to understand that people would never know something cultural being used if someone didn't point it out. Like how do expect us to get new racist without the quality people who proudly explain what belongs to who. Picking and choosing what you appreciate on your own makes for a world without controversy. No controversy leads to less peace and exploitation. That would lead to people being happy with life and maybe even themselves. Who the hell wants that world. I mean I'd be cool with it but what if the insecure were suddenly not insecure. There'd be anarchy.

TacoTaru2588d ago

It will soon be the case that when little kids play make believe they can only pretend to be themselves.

xwabbit2588d ago


These SJW's have no lives or work so thats y they have this much spare time. Btw SJW's are the most racist people on earth, they see racism everywhere.

2588d ago
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FullmetalRoyale2588d ago

Interesting take. I'm of the mind that if people are never introduced to things, they'll never care about them, or be interested in them. Part of what makes it great to live where I live is the melding of cultures. I think I get what you mean, maybe, about sombreros being a basic thing about the culture. Something recognizable that doesn't exactly define the greater meaning.

dedicatedtogamers2588d ago

What really gets me is that there are official organizations already in place that can certainly speak up if "cultural appropriation" is such a big deal to them.

And yet, silence! I would think that if Mario's use of a sombrero was offensive to that culture, then one of many, many activist and rights groups for that culture would be fully capable of speaking up and raising concern.

EddieNX 2588d ago

The fact they've used Mexican culture is a compliment to its vibrancy and nothing else.

traumadisaster2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Would you rather the white ladies return to their previous behavior of the 1950s that got them then initial criticism? So now they've grown and changed they're in trouble again, not much of an incentive. Personally I do agree they should stay out of it but at least they're trying to do good unlike the past.

KakashiHotake2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

That's the problem. The best thing they can do is not say anything at all it's not their place to meddle. I'm not Mexican and I'm not racist of any kind, but white people have always been sticking their nose's where it doesn't belong. Gaining trust only to stab people in the back later, then later down the line try an reinvent the wheel and then tell you what is right and wrong. These are all facts not opinions. But the delusion is so strong now that white people do it with good intentions unable to see how other races see it as wrong.

OC_MurphysLaw2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

@kakashiHotake .....this is a truly WTF moment. "The best thing they can do is not say anything at all it's not their place to meddle."?!?!?!? Thankfully most of the world doesn't share your view..

edit: Let me just say, we live in a world where we do absolutely need people to step up and say what is right even when it may not directly affect them. Compassion and empathy to our fellow humans is what makes us strong. That all said...on the topic of Mario in this context I don't see this as being an issue of racism as some seem to imply.

Eliseo6762588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I would not rather see them return to any 1950s behavior. Not my point, not my intended meaning. I apologize if my english is too difficult for you to understand, I do try.

Everyone has their own issues. Mexico has had trouble mantaining the balance between a known culture that we take pride of, and increasing knowledge of our technological and current culture.

Nintendo taking this approach to us makes me very happy, now more than ever since we lost other cultural icons due to SJWs.

uth112588d ago

@Dlacy - there's a difference between standing up for what is right and being a moral busybody looking for outrage in absolutely everything and trying to force everyone to conform to your views

rainslacker2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

@trauma and DLacy

The problem is is that the people we're talking about today, white or otherwise really, have no focus to actually make any kind of discernable difference in the grander scheme of things. Those women from the 1950's spent decades fighting for what they felt was right, and in some ways, that fight is still going on.

These activist now though have no follow through. They find something to be upset about, rail against it, then move on as soon as they grow bored with it. There is no underlying movement. There is no consistency. There is no real reason for them to be fighting a fight that the group they feel is affected isn't even fighting themselves, because that group doesn't find it offensive.

These activist today are making assumptions based on non-facts and their own feelings about what is right and what is just. They don't understand the cultures or people they're fighting for. They don't even know if what they're fighting against is actually a problem. They fight because it makes them feel better for themselves, because they wrongly assume that they are standing up for the little guy, when in fact they are only degrading the little guy because they think they even need to intervene.

These kinds of activist are more about their own ego and making themselves feel good, and base their outlook of their views based on their own misguided assumptions about the world itself. They base their views by stereotyping that which they claim to want to see be free. They base their arguments on the belief that those they defend are somehow oppressed or misrepresented with no actual proof or constructive reason to actually be able to know it's true other.

So, in this case, yes, they should stay out of it, because they aren't even informed enough to have the conversation, much less rally for a remedy to the perceived injustice at hand. People like this do more harm than good. Trump once called some activist, "professional protesters". While Im not one to readily agree with trump on most issues, he was absolutely right that these kinds of people who protest without actual cause(which wasn't those he was trying to dismiss, but the one's we're talking about), do indeed actually make it much harder for real issues to be heard, because people start to tune this nonsense out, or in some cases, like with female representation in gaming, become very defensive to the topic at hand.

There are indeed times when it's right to stand up against something, even if those affected aren't themselves. Any number of child issues. Any number of sexual crime issues. Times when an issue isn't really seen as an issue, if it can be proven as an issue. And some others. This isn't one of those times though, because it's such a non-issue, that if the people being "appropriated" were offended, they are perfectly capable of voicing their disdain directly, and ultimately, they'd be ignored about as much as this woman will be, because it's such a minor thing, and there is a difference between cultural appropriate and just using themes of a culture to represent an idea or experience.

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BenRage32588d ago

I too am Mexican. And I've never met a Mexican who gets offended over things like this. Hey SJW's, we're not so weak and sensitive that we need people to speak up for us. Thank you.

davand1142588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

It's weird that white people are always so mad about culture appropriation when the actual races are happy that their culture is being accepted everywhere. If they hate cultural appropriation then they shouldn't listen to most popular music, since black people invented most of it. It's like saying anyone outside of NY can't listen to hip hop or become a rapper because it's our culture. I thought people wanted different cultures to be put in the spotlight more, so others can become curious, learn more about them, and become more accepting of lifestyles that are different from their own. And white people shouldn't get offended on the behalf of other cultures. It makes it seem as though those people aren't able to comprehend when they should be offended and have to be protected. Which is offensive.

DanteVFenris6662588d ago

No white people invented most probably music?

Please tell me symphonic black metal is popular, if not I shake my head at popularity itself.

uth112588d ago


Metal is an outgrowth of rock, and rock is an outgrowth of blues and r&b.

So popular music does own a debt to black musicians

rainslacker2587d ago

They're probably mad about it because they don't actually know what it is, or when it's worth getting upset about.

meganick2588d ago

I know right? It's always white people, women especially, who spout nonsense like this, and it's getting really annoying.

Oschino19072588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Yep always white people... Smh







Should I keep posting links or have I made my point that skin color has nothing to do with being an intolerant hate monger?

CorndogBurglar2588d ago

You know, its funny. Speedy Gonzalez was Mexican. He wore a sombrero and talked with a heavy spanish accent.

Are there not people in the world like that? I guess I just don't understand why anyone would find it offensive. No one was saying Speedy is how ALL Mexicans act, dress, or talk. And on top of that, Speedy was the hero of the episodes he was in.

I just don't get it.

uth112588d ago

Part of the "logic" of these SJWs is that every representation of a culture or gender is somehow making a statement about the entire group.

fr0sty2588d ago

These people don't understand what cultural appropriation is.