Exclusive PS3 In-Game Advertising Deal With Activision

The first game to feature IGA integrated ads will be Guitar Hero World Tour

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coolfool3723d ago

a commercial mass market appeal type of game to have this first.


this could be the start of a very bad trend for in game ads lets hope not.

PirateThom3723d ago

I don't mind in game ads if it's like around the track in racing games or it's real world products being used (like the Sony Ericsson phones and Apple computers in MGS4) and Guitar Hero and Rock Band can just about get away with the numerous advertisements for Fender, Gibson, Line6, Ernie Ball etc because they're all proper related brands, but I would hate to boot up games, like say, Uncharted 2 and be greeted with an avertisement for Burger King or God of War III and having an advertisement for Tampons forced onto me.

Unless they give away the game for discounted prices if it contains advertising...

I bet MAG has in-game advertising.

gokuss1220023723d ago

I really hope they (the industry) don't pull a "xbox live" and charge us to see non-game related ads that they (the company in question) are making millions of dollars off of. (no flame intended)

Overr8ed3723d ago

Hey of Xbox has those types of ads why cant PS3?