Sony's E3 Press Conference left us wanting more in a bad way

When Sony went on stage they made it clear they wanted to focus on the games, all of this was true to an extent.

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TGG_overlord1463d ago

I think the show was pretty alright.

UCForce1463d ago

I think they still have PSX, so I will wait for that.

Nitrowolf21463d ago

The show lacked surprises but that can be seen as a good thing.

From the comments from PlayStation heads it sounds like they don't want to show them off until they are actually ready and have a solid release date.

This was the biggest complaint about Sony with their previous E3 with them announcing games way too early. And now that they have taken that feedback people are upset because they didn't have any surprises?

Like you said they still got PSX, along with Tokyo game show and Paris game show.

They have all year to announce new stuff

nX1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I never got the complaint about Sony announcing things too early - I love those announcements the most and think that this is what E3 is actually about (HYPE!!!)
On the other hand every gamer should understand how game development works and that especially with 4k games, things sometimes take more time than expected and get delayed... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't show off what you're working on.

For example if TLOU 2 or the new Sucker Punch IP would've been shown off (and they are clearly in a state that allows a presentation), people could've given the devs feedback on what is good and what isn't. This kind of communication with your customers should be standard in times of early access and open betas.

Letthewookiewin1463d ago

It was still the best show. MS showed 90% of the games coming to PS and then Sony showed exclusives. MS actually helped Sony out. Lol

bluefox7551463d ago

It wasn't a home run, but neither were the other ones. I still thought it was the best show because it showed the best looking games, and actual gameplay footage instead of sizzle reels. Would have been nice to have a surprise, but it was still solid. I think they should have saved Spiderman for this E3, last year's E3 didn't really need it and it would have been a bombshell to end this one with.

blackblades1463d ago

Yeah it was iight, twitch was twitching like a mother f I could barely watch it. Anyway doesn't really matter to me got plenty of games to play now untill 2019 anyways and still didn't buy the good stuff yet.

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KionicWarlord2221463d ago

It was a year old thanksgiving dinner.

Missing gravy on those mash.

S2Killinit1463d ago

At least there was a turkey on the table.

Rude-ro1463d ago

And seems everybody missed cocktail hour that was previous to e3 that also talked about all games coming this year.
This was not sonys best e3 and I think Sony messed up by not including the first hour live stream event into e3.
For the fans that tuned in, they saw all the games, but that does not give them the boost with media like if it were included as the entire e3 package.

Poli_Games1463d ago

It lacked the surprises I was expecting from them

DaGreatOne1463d ago

I really think that Sony has done so well in the past that at this point they kinda held at a higher standard at E3 now.

uth111463d ago

If you add in all the trailers sony released preshow, its was an ok showing. But the stage show itself was lacking. Why would they cut games like Crash, GT sport, Knack 2 from the stage show when the trailers were ready to go and the show was short at 50 minutes? Doesnt make sense

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The story is too old to be commented.