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predator3731d ago

Now thats what im talking about!

Jamie Foxx3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

seriously how do you improve on those graphics which PERSONALLY i dont think have been bettered yet,killzone im looking at you? its an answer i cant wait to find out

Fishy Fingers3731d ago

Hopefully ND will be happy to show us soon :)

PirateThom3731d ago

Better physics, more destructable environments, even more enemies on screen, even bigger environments, more environment variety, multiple paths? EVEN BETTER WATER EFFECTS?!

Doesn't always have to be improvements to graphics, they should push the PS3 in other areas like that, since Uncharted basically puts every other action game to shame in terms of technical ability.

hay3731d ago

harder puzzles please...

Fishy Fingers3731d ago

Very true Thom.

Id like to see better interaction with the vegetation. Uncharted had it but it's one area Id like to see improved upon.

SL1M DADDY3731d ago

Even if this game looks and feels the same but with a new story and great new adventure, it will be a day one purchase for me. I love Uncharted more than virtualy any other game I have ever played and will love to get back into the world of Uncharted again.

Bubble Buddy3731d ago

Please Naughty Dog, make a Jak and Daxter game too! I want both games :D.

Jamie Foxx3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

totally agree but naughty dog are like insomniac...they strive to push the goal posts so you know no matter how hard it is to believe uncharted 2 will surpass the 1st in terms of graphics which is just mind blowing to think about..

predator3731d ago

all I want from the sequel is for it to be longer and a bit more jungle area's then im all good

bumnut3731d ago

better hit detection please.

other than that, more of the same would be good enough for me!

cmrbe3731d ago

more variety of gameplay. The Jeep car chase was awsome. More platforming, New Adventure set in India or China. More dry humor.

bumnut3731d ago

am i the only one that thought the hit detection was poor?

some guys take 10 rounds before they die

Final_Rpg3731d ago

Do you reckon co-op would work? Or am I just being greedy?

One thing they can improve on for sure is more enemy variety, never let me see the same model more than once! That would take forever though... But naughty dog are pretty damn amazing so I'm sure if anyone could do it it'd be them. Just look at the water in that game if you want to see how hard they push themselves.

Daver3731d ago

Woot! Uncharted 2!! one of the best game this generation! cant wait to try chapter 2

MiloGarret3731d ago

I'm sorry, I know you all love Uncharted, I really liked it too and I'm happy the second one is in dev, but I would prefer it if ND started working on a Jak game. Honestly, part of why I bought my ps3 was because of the prospect of someday getting to play a Jak game.

beavis4play3731d ago

so i'm sure we'll be seeing it sometime. i'm looking forward to a new "jak" game as well. i love the series.

Nineball21123731d ago

I'd be more than happy just to have more of the same... It's one of my favorite games and it still has great replay-ability!

Obviously, the story will be set in a different setting (I'd think) but overall, it was a great game and I'm anxious to see what the new one will be like!

Uncharted 2 FTW!

Beast_Master3731d ago

Yeah like the others said, better hit detection and add a co-op mode and we are good ND! I liked the jungle setting but I wouldn't be surprised if ND takes this to more locations than just the Jungle. Maybe follow the Indie/Lara Croft formula and go to around the world to gather clues. We will see. GO NAUGHTY DOG.

INehalemEXI3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

2 shots with a pistol and 1 punch very satisfying. They wont get back up either except for the last guy hes on a mixture of roids and pcp or something.

I too am in !

GameDev3731d ago

how about weather effects, voluminous mist or fog, A MUCH LONGER CAMPAIGN (not that the first wasn't long enough, it's just that a game this good you want to last)

somethingSQUISHY3731d ago

The fact that it took multiple shots to take down the enemies had nothing AT ALL to do with hit detection. It was a design decision. Poor hit detection would be if you are aiming at a dude's head, pull the trigger, and nothing happens. The fact that when you shoot a guy in the arm he twists around, or pop him in the leg and he flops around, is evidence of really good hit detection.

Your real issue is with the developers' decision to make enemies take a lot of bullets before going down. I think that's a problem, too, personally, but it really just makes the headshots that much more satisfying, no?

Montrealien3731d ago

"Better physics, more destructable environments, even more enemies on screen, even bigger environments, more environment variety, multiple paths? EVEN BETTER WATER EFFECTS?!

Doesn't always have to be improvements to graphics, they should push the PS3 in other areas like that, since Uncharted basically puts every other action game to shame in terms of technical ability."

I agree, Uncharted will look amazing and is easily one of the best looking action games around. And I also agree with the fact that Uncharted 2 should push the same kind of improvements as games like Gears 2 is doing over gears 1.

Jake11113731d ago

Drakes 1 is based on a true story. Drakes coffin was never found in real life. . . :) This was the base of the game. Cool!

Besides that....

The first game was innovating in every category. I have yet to play a game where the jet ski felt so realistic while climbing up rapids.


The graphics were out of this world. Anyone recall the UBOAT scene at the beginning. Remember walking up to the tip of it to grab the treasure? Look at the sun, trees and the waterfalls... WOW!

I have finished this game 5 times and will be working on #6 soon as I love this game.

The story is great as well.

I would agree with some of the posts. Additions:

1) Co Op online. THIS SHOULD BE A MUST!

2) Online Multiplayer. Something innovative. Something beyond the CTF or Team Deathmatch. A nice example would be for one team to play as Drake and his friends and the other as pirates. The first one to find the treasure wins. ? ? ?

3) More vehicles. Allowing Drake to take off on bikes, ATVs, Trucks etc and actually drive them. Have shoot outs etc. This would be fun in co op.

4)Harder puzzles

5)More swimming/adventure added using scuba gear. To be able to explore above and below water in an ocean setting would be huge. Underwater caves... etc...

6) Add higher altitude climbing areas like the one near the ocean on the side of the wall. Climb up some places real high then use the 6 axis to parachute down... :)

7) Implement a treasure vs money system. Allow Drake to purchase items.. This would allow for extra climbing tools, guns, scuba gear. Stuff that would allow Drake to get to more difficult places as well to get more treasure. New clothes, vests, armor etc.


Blademask3731d ago

I would like to do more exploring :\

Daver3730d ago

For me, its not a coop game, i mean i dont see a coop mode in this game, it should stay like this, an unbelivable single player experience...
i was thinking it could be in the north like artic and some hidden ruins or something that would be cool with this engine

arika3730d ago

Excellent news! Bring it on Naughty dogs!

DaTruth3730d ago

One of the things that drove me away from the Tomb raider series is the damn hard puzzles. Running around the same area for hours unable to figure out what to do is designed to make you pay for the manual.
Maybe you eventually figure it out, but it stops the action too long and why mess with a good formula. Don't screw it up for the rest of us, just buy Tomb Raider and play hard puzzles.

lento3730d ago

since everything seemed to be covered on how the first uncharted was awesome i'll add another thing.. the music.. i loved the soundtrack to this game and actually am looking forward to the music (along with everything else of course) in the next uncharted!

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jkhan3731d ago

But I wanted JAK5 or 6 or whatever the latest count was:(
Uncharted 2 will be awesome, I can't wait to see what they have done to there engine but it would have been amazing to see a Jak & Daxter game on the PS3:P

Homicide3731d ago

Everything Naughty Dog makes is golden. The Crash Bandicoot games, Jak & Daxter and Uncharted. I don't care what they make as long as it comes out soon.

Beast_Master3731d ago

What if they do a PSN game like Insomniac did for R&C? would that satisfy your hunger till they could release a full Jaks game in 2010

micro_invader3731d ago

Now that's an idea! Jak & Daxter was one of my favourite games on the ps2, if thhey could release a small game like Q4B on the PSN I'd be satisfied. Until of course, they release a full J&D game :)

TheMART3731d ago

Good thing to hear. One of the very few games worth owning a PS3 for.

Denges3731d ago

good old mart with his backhanded compliments

likewise mart...

i love the xbox360 it keeps me warm at night.

on topic:
Im so glad they are making uncharted instead of Jax. 2009 will be such an awesome year.

solidjun53731d ago

it helps him sleep at night.

BabyStomper50003731d ago

I like your avatar MART! :)

juuken3731d ago

At it again aren't you?

lordgodalming3731d ago

It strikes me that every time a good PS3 game comes out--all the way back to Resistance 1--someone says, "Will this ONE game be enough to save the PS3?" Let's stop the nonsense now. There are more good games in the PS3 library than I can afford right now, with a nice big pile of them coming in the next two months.

Can we all just admit that the PS3 and the 360 BOTH have some terrific games, and depending on your taste, either would be worth buying?

bouncybullet3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Well i'm looking at my PS3 game collection.

And he looks about right.

MGS4 and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


I rented Heavenly Sword.

And demoed Resistance, and motorstorm.


I really hope killzone 2 kicks ass.

DiabloRising3731d ago

Well I'm looking at my PS3 game collection, and he looks about wrong.


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crazy250003731d ago

come on naughty dog... you have a lot of storage space

Mr_Bun3731d ago

I didn't think that the first one was that short...might be because of the trophies that made it feel longer though.

crazy250003731d ago

i mean the game is just almost every aspect

uie4rhig3731d ago

releasing a few of the PS2 games such as jax and all for the PS3.. it will convert many PS2 owners to PS3 and with many, i really mean many!!!

a friend of mine is waiting for FFXIII to go next gen..