Madden Roster Update Released for Xbox 360 and PS3

A new roster update was released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Madden 07 today.

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bigj5216d ago

Where is REGGIE BUSH!!! His ratings is not even close to what it should be. I mean once he gets past you he is gone, but in Madden its totally different. I think they should work on some teams. I mean Atlanta Falcons a 92. The Falcons might be an 82, but thats it. The Saints is rated an 85 and there alot better than 85. I would at least have them a 90. Micheal Vick should be on that list. He is almost unstoppable on the game, but dont get me wrong he is a great running QB but he is not as good as they have him n the game. I think Devin Hester is alot better than a 78. Lito Sheppard is HURT!!! Why raise is Rating. I think the people at EA is smokin crack. Thats just my opinion.

Grown Folks Talk5216d ago

on last year and what they expect they might do this year. they always make people slow because that's the easiest way to keep their overall rating down. rookies are always going to be low regardless. it's just like freshman in ncaa. adrian peterson's speed was like 89 or some crap. even ncaa 07 has his speed at 93, yet he was clocked at 4.34 in spring drills. tiki barber is always slow and mike vick for some reason doesn't have at least 98 speed. hurry up 2k.

MicroGamer5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

So....what incentive do I have to buy Madden 08 when I can just update the rosters on 07??? That is the whole reason why sports games drop to $2 so quickly, because they go out of date. Prolonging the life of old sports titles digs into the sales of the latest editions.

FirstknighT5216d ago

Frank Gore 92 and Stephan Jackson 94??? Bull***T!!!

iballa5216d ago

FEATURING TEAMS FOR ALL OVER THE WORL.. Oh wait, only 1 country likes this sport!

super bill5216d ago

bring back the 2k series that what i say.

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