GTA IV PC Details in Italian Magazine "The Game Machine"

Some new details on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV are in from the Italian magazine The Game Machine :

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Charmers3697d ago

The video editor sounds pretty cool, looking forward to playing with that. The ability to make notes on the GPS and map are a god send if you are hunting for those pesky pigeons.

However my favourite part has to be this :-

"Improved streaming will be possible with the power of todays processors. If you have seen cars on the road that matched the car you are driving, this has been somewhat fixed. More pedestrians and vehicles will be visible."

I found that to be a major problem with the console version the streets would be lined with the same car you were driving. It's also great to see Rockstar putting the work in to bring an enhanced version of the game to the PC. I cannot wait to get a copy of GTA 4 on the PC. I enjoyed the console version (what I could enjoy of it since I hate joypads) so I know I will just love the PC version.

Lelouch V Brit3697d ago

only two Comments? No love for Grand Theft Auto 4 PC Version?

Charmers3697d ago

I don't think the issue is GTA 4. I think it is more a N4G thing, most PC gamers have got fed up with the constant squabbling between the PS3 and 360 users which dilutes any meaningful commenting on news reports. I have only been here around 6ish months and starting to wonder why I even bother to come here.

So I don't think we can take it that just because of 2 comments there isn't a keen interest in GTA 4 for the PC on other forums PC gamers are buzzing about it, so it really is a N4G thing.

Lelouch V Brit3697d ago

dude, you're totally right, PC forum is dead. The Majority Users of this site are PS3 gamers or Xbox 360 Gamers.