Dissidia NT: A guide on the changes from the original game

A lot of people are excited about the recent announcement of Dissidia: NewTale. But this isn’t a surprise for the people in the community because this has been a thing that’s been followed with a different name. Since there are still a lot of confusewd people regarding what changes are done in the Dissidia followup, we'll show you what changes have been made between this and the PSP release.

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MattDavisIP856d ago

Nice article but pls delete the Geekreply from title and finish the sentence in the description.

Omnislashver36854d ago

They need to change that HUD though. Too clunky. HEAR ME SQUARE.

MunchMiller00848d ago

Someone kill that thing that is supposed to look like Tidus. Who the f**k did they hire to model this game? Jesus.