Xbox Live Returns, Better Late Than Never

SnagWire: The panic subsides as of 2:11 AM PT time Xbox Live has been enabled for 360 users. Some of the Microsoft Support Forums were getting pretty chatty, but luckily the task only took a couple more hours than originally planned.


Major Nelson has updated his blog with a short post informing everyone we are a go:

“Ok, you can stop finding things to keep you busy…LIVE is back. I am happy to report that the Xbox Live Maintenance is now complete which means that Xbox LIVE is back online, and you can now resume posting in the Xbox forums. Thanks again for your patience during this maintenance.”

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g3nkie3669d ago

omg....people need to get f***ing lives...

3668d ago
timmyrulz3669d ago

Its no big deal waiting expecially when its preparing an upgrade to an unrivaled live experience

cr33ping_death3669d ago

"Its no big deal waiting expecially when its preparing an upgrade to an unrivaled live experience"

i gotta admit Live is slightly better than the PSN but when people like you try to post as if you were a MS rep it just makes it sound terrible.

FantasyStar3669d ago

Ya'll just got "troll'ed"

Stuff like this is best ignored.

EnforcerOfTheTruth3669d ago

I go with PSN and a free full priced retail game a year :D

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timmyrulz3669d ago

I was on about the new dashboard what will be with us in the coming months, unrivalled on any other console

Kwertie3669d ago

all that waiting for fecking nothing? i was sure that after such a long maintenance we would be treated to the new dashboard. it did say fall after all

CarnageXB3669d ago

Late Fall. I'm assuming November.

Spydiggity3668d ago

they also said this was in preparation for that update. not the actual new dashboard. if they did it all at once it might be down for a few days. they are just dividing up the load.

Magnus3669d ago

I was doing well before they took it down for a day. Now since it is back on it kicks me out when i go to mulitplayer or when i do get to mulyplayer it freezes. I know its not the XBOX acting up

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