Sony Denies Preventing Adult Content On Blu-Ray

Sony on Tuesday denied claims that it was preventing the porn industry from using the Blu-ray high-definition format developed by the consumer electronics giant.

Media reports have quoted adult-film directors and producers accusing Sony of pressuring others not to manufacture Blu-ray discs with adult content or share technology with the porn industry. The result, according to reports, has been a migration by adult filmmakers toward HD DVD, a competing format.

Sony dismissed the claims saying it has no control over the licensing of Blu-ray, and has no problem with the adult industry using the format. "There's no prohibition against adult content," Lisa Gephardt, a spokeswoman for Sony Corp. of America, said. "We don't tell people how they can use the licenses they get from the Blu-ray Disc Association."

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DJ5222d ago

Which is that Sony has no say over how the Blu-ray Association distributes licenses for their technology. Great find Madden. But now to figure who started up all those falsified statements against Blu-ray. Hmm.

power of Green 5222d ago

I see you're the only one that seems to be smart enough in the Sony camp on how important Sex to the industry judging by how offten you post about porn.

MicroGamer5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

Sony invents a format and then claims they have no control over licensing issues?? Come on. The whole purpose of inventing it was to milk content providers for licensing fees.

DJ5222d ago

I know you want to believe that, but it's just not true.

"The "Blu-ray Disc Association" was founded in 2002 by nine leading electronic companies: Matsushita, Pioneer, Phillips, Thomson, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp, Samsung and Sony as contrast to the DVD Forum. In 2002 the companies were called the "Founders" of the Blu-ray Disc and later changed their name to the "Blu-ray Disc Association" in order to achieve more companies joining their development. Some examples of companies that signed in include Apple, TDK, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Walt Disney, Warner Bros. and Universal Music Group. At the moment the there are more than 250 members and supporters of the Association."

So you see, they're simply part of the Association. They did not "invent Blu-ray" on their own in order to solely profit off of the format. They can't since it's not 'their format'. They have to license with the permission of the Association's Board of Directors, just like everyone else.

BTW, the licensing fees for using a disc format are nothing compared to the licensing fees they recieve for each game that's sold, so that argument is null.

Maddens Raiders5221d ago

& DJ I couldn't agree more. Sex sells. You know that, I know that. Hell, The whole world knows that. For SNE to come out and patently deny porn ever be produced, distributed, copied and sold "over their dead body" would be simply, uncivilised. It scared the hell outta me at first when I heard all the commotion that they were "actually against any type of porn on Blu-ray". I said to myself: here we go again, so its just glad to know that SNE's a bunch of lesbians like the rest of us. Woo-hoo. well, Enjoy!

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