Videogamer: FIFA 09 Review

Videogamer writes: "It's interesting times in the world of virtual footie. For years Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series has scored the winning goal in the gameplay stakes, and EA's FIFA franchise has lifted the trophy in the graphics stakes. And for years gamers have, on the whole, considered PES the superior game. But last year something happened. Something happened that was very interesting indeed.

Overall, FIFA 2008 was a better game than PES 2008. It came as somewhat of a surprise to us here at Perhaps it shouldn't have. For a while now EA's money making powerhouse has been creeping up the quality ladder, with solid tweaks to its game engine, functioning online play and a more simulation approach to gameplay. FIFA 09 is the culmination of all of those tweaks. It is the coming together of a game engine now supremely confident that it is the most realistic representation of the game of football the industry has to offer. And it is the best FIFA game ever made."

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