Just when is the Wii price cut coming?

Analysis. - Nintendo have run the last six months with the Wii on sheer impetus. You have to wonder how long this will continue with the market changing so much. A price drop is inevitable.

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condorstrike3668d ago

it has to come soon...

The Wii demand is running out of steam and the competitors have all made their consoles affordable, and within the reach of the casual gamers Nintendo like so much, besides this is not the 90's anymore when consoles stayed on top and overpriced for many years...

remember supply lowers demand, and Nintendo has has been pushing...
I mean suplying that little addictive white...crackbox to JUN7!3$
I mean casual gamers for 2 years now...LOL

ChickeyCantor3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

" The Wii demand is running out of steam "
Citation needed.

As long it keeps selling well, no price drop.
When there is a huge decrease in sales dropping than its time for a price drop, else they don't see a reason.

And PS3 and 360 Dropping price isn't affecting the Wii.
Sony nor MS promoted a controller like Nintendo did.
And that's why these casual people like it.

condorstrike3667d ago

don't get me wrong "I'm a Wii fan"
but I know what I see, Nintendo still sales but not on everyone's mind anymore for both Wii and DS, Sony is coming out with another price drop and Microsoft is got a more affordable console than the Wii with a bigger library, and better hardware...
am a fan not a fan-boy...LOL