Rumour smash: Xbox 360 "Jasper" still nowhere to be found

Waiting for the Jasper revision before making your Xbox 360 purchase? There's a selection of rumoured sightings, but nothing official.

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DarkSniper4764d ago

There is not such a product titled Xbox 360 "Jasper". What Dark Sniper does know is that all Xbox 360 are built to fail. A reverse trend in the way of hardware manufacturing. When a customer spends several hundred dollars on a product, that customer wants something that is built to last. Xbox 360 does not provide that.

Only PLAYSTATION®3 can give you the reassurance that your system will have the durability of at least a decades worth of top notch home entertainment. With a quality lineup of games, superior online service and breathtaking visuals, there's no reason to even look in XBox 360's direction when making your gaming decisions at your local department store.

Dark Sniper can tell you that the smart consumer prefers quality of quantity, which is why millions of Sony Snipers worldwide are looking on the outside as Microslaves put themselves through torture within each broken Xbox console worldwide. The pain, hurt and anguish that Microslaves must endure is an orgasmic experience to Dark Sniper


TheXgamerLive4763d ago

wow, dark snipet was here like another in heat wannabe.

face it, your a closet 360 fan and you just can't stay away. It's ok, I won't tell snipet.

zimbo0074764d ago

cant wait to see public reaction when 3 year warantee of existing x360s run out in November

EPIC madness will be all over the web

RROD FTW for Xbots

jonnyvito4764d ago

thought it was a load of crap

Wytche4763d ago

None of the reports on that site have uploaded any evidence of the Jasper chipset despite being asked by several people.

I live in hope Jasper arrives soon as I'm after two Elites, but until I know that Microsoft have improved their reliablity then I shall spend the money on something else at Christmas.............. But it won't be a Wii. :-)

Fishy Fingers4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

Sorry, maybe I'm out of the loop somewhat, what is so special about the "jasper"? Does it use a smaller die set or something?

Edit: using MARTs link it says it's a new mobo? Whats the advantage of it?

Sorry so many question :)

Fishy Fingers4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

Thanks, so basically it is to allow for smaller chip sets. Good for MS (cost reduction) and also should be good for consumers as it will reduce heat output which causes... well I think we all know that.

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The story is too old to be commented.