Teens Convicted in January Robbery of Xbox 360, Laptops

Two teenagers involved in a Spotsylvania County home invasion were convicted yesterday and a third man is expected to plead guilty in December. The incident occurred Jan. 22, 2008 at the home of brothers Cory and Ian White. 2 of the 3 convicted robbers broke into White's home wearing ski masks, threatening the brothers at gunpoint; the third teen remained in the getaway car. The teens stole an XBOX 360, multiple video games and a laptop computer. A short while later, detectives found a ski-mask and handgun belonging to one of the now-convicted teens, ultimately leading to their arrest.

Regarding an incident with one of the gunmen, White, one the victims, said, "He told me to get on the ground". After White was slow to respond to his demands, the gunmen said "Do you think this is a joke?", and "pistol-whipped" White with his gun. More information following the link.

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